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Deed translations by certified linguists

Do you have business relations abroad? If so, chances are that you’re regularly sending and receiving legal documentation. In international business, this process can be complicated by the different languages and cultures. However, in many situations, this type of official documentation is absolutely necessary, and it’s crucial to get the details right.

You know that you feel most comfortable reading business documents in your own mother tongue. Your client feels the same. At Nimus translations your deed translation is in safe and capable hands.


How do we approach a notarial deed translation?


We nitpick over the legal details

We don’t underestimate the importance of accuracy in a legal document. Clarity and transparency are keywords in translating a notarial deed. This might seem obvious, but it’s quite the challenge. That’s why Nimus translations enlists translators with extensive experience translating legal jargon. The standard language within a typical deed is nothing new to them. And with good reason: a deed translated without adequate legal insight can result in serious consequences. We don’t want to take that risk. Therefore, we only enlist experienced legal translators for your deed translation.


Need it certified? Just ask!

A deed, or any legal document for that matter, might need to be certified. This depends on the kind of deed. Nimus translation has certified translators in its network and can offer this service on request. Not sure if you need your document certified? Just get in touch with one of our experts. We’re happy to advise you.


Delivery by e-mail and post

With a certified translation, it might take a little while for the physical, stamped document to reach us via post. After that, following a thorough check, we send it on to you. We understand that this is a long time to wait. That’s why we always send a digital version as soon as the translation is approved. That way you have access to your translated deed straight away.


We handle personal data carefully

All documents that we receive from clients are in safe hands with us. We distinguish between two kinds of documents: those with personal, privacy-sensitive details, and those without. Many legal documents will contain this kind of data. We take a different approach to these files. For example, we stick to a shorter storage period. Furthermore, our portal and cloud service are secure. As a result, you don’t need to worry about security. We got it covered.


“Nimus translations is where we go for reliable translations delivered quickly.”



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