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Make your international ambitions come true


You have a good story to tell about your product or service. That story deserves to be told across the world in every language. It should be worded perfectly and appeal to your target audience. That’s where Nimus comes in.

How do you want your company to come across? Every piece of text should reflect that. Whether it’s a website, a press release, user instructions, a contract, or an ad campaign. That’s challenging enough in your native language. But what about the translations? That’s where a professional translation agency is essential.

At Nimus translations, we take all the stress out of translation. Your story is safe in our hands.

Nimus is completely committed

We believe it is our duty to support companies that operate internationally in their ambitions. Our heroes view every translation assignment as a new challenge. With Nimus as your partner in conquering the world, you can not only count on a first-rate translation, but also on access to all the knowledge and skills that we can provide. These include knowledge of colloquial language, the local language of marketing and advertising, and the language to best address local consumers with. It’s worth noting that after all, we are entrepreneurs ourselves, with our own ambitions.


Nimus is innovative

Nimus is an innovative translation agency. Whenever possible, we use smart technology in such a way that we produce affordable translations, which are often better in quality due to their consistency. However, the work is always perfected by human hands in the end. Our own IT department keeps a close eye on the latest developments in automated translation. This isn’t to make our own work easier, but simply to create a sophisticated database that we can refer back to when similar content hits our desks. Together with our clients, we devise the best approach on a case-by-case basis.

Nimus is personal

Nimus is a personal translation agency. We are convinced that our services benefit from personal contact with our customers. Our people are not only interested in the client’s translation questions, but also in their motivations and style of doing business. For this reason alone, we want to get to know our customers better and are eager to engage in long-term partnerships. We prefer to link our clients to a permanent team of translators. That makes the work more efficient and enjoyable for everyone.


Nimus is international

Nimus is an international translation agency. With our network of partners and providers all over the world, it is fair to describe ourselves as right at home in all markets. Together with our international business relationships, we help support the cross-border ambitions of our clients as best we can. No matter what you produce or provide as an entrepreneur, we take all the stress out of the translation process. With every successful conquest, we join in the celebrations.

Certified translation agency

We are here to provide you with excellent advice, superior quality management, and ingenious ideas. These are all indispensable tools for developing the perfect translation. If you are not convinced yet, the proof is in the international quality standards: Nimus Translations is ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 18587 certified.

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