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Nimus comes from Hieronymus (Latin for Jerome), the patron saint of translators. Our hero, Nimus, appears all over our website. He has just returned from yet another international adventure, with a backpack full of experience and knowledge of the languages, cultures, technologies, and innovations that he picked up along the way. His ambition, international orientation, broad range of interests, and keen inventiveness are reflected in the core values of Nimus translations.


Nimus is adventurous

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Nimus likes to do things differently than rigid translators who have been set in their ways for years. We never back down from a challenge and enjoy delving deeper into the latest developments. We are not afraid to go outside our comfort zone: in fact, having our skills put to the test is what inspires us. This is especially true for our ongoing digitization and automation processes. Online content is practically everywhere these days and the demand to localize and translate that content for international audiences has grown in kind. We keep a watchful eye on how these developments play out and are constantly adapting so that we can respond to them effectively. Automation has also become an essential part of the translation industry. We want our clients to benefit from it. Even though translation remains a product of human ingenuity, automation comes with substantial perks and we use it to our advantage whenever we can.

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Nimus is international

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Nimus’ motivation is to serve companies in their international activities and ambitions. This not only applies to companies that already have an extensive international network, but also companies that aim to break into the international market. In order to do this, our young Nimus is in touch with many other “heroes” across the world, all of whom are specialists in their field of expertise and their language pairs. At Nimus, we always have someone in our network who has exactly the right knowledge of language and culture. These are the only people we trust to deliver a professional, responsible translation.

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Nimus is innovative

At Nimus, we believe that innovation is a continuous process. We don’t do it solely for the novelty: we do it out of love for technology and the advantages that it offers our clients! This means that we try to find as many technological solutions as possible for simple, repetitive actions (words and concepts that are more common in a specific sector) and labor-intensive work. It also leaves us more time for the more challenging choices that are a part of good translation work. We will utilize technology to support us in increasing productivity and improving quality wherever we can. This is all done to ensure that the investment our clients make in a translation is as profitable as possible. It also means that we at Nimus try to come up with excellent, original solutions to the translation problems that the client encounters. Of course, we share our knowledge whenever we can!

Would you like to know more about our technology, such as translation software, smart translation memories, file types, CMS, and APIs? If so, you can find out more on the page Our technology!

Nimus takes a personal approach

Nimus feels that a personal approach is essential. This results in translations that are tailored exactly to the client’s needs, allowing for us to get a better sense of each other’s “style” and skills, and to appreciate them more. As such, we always aim for contact with our clients to be smooth, and we go out of our way to be approachable and accessible. This means that we are always willing to set the necessary time aside for a good conversation. In our opinion, getting to know the client better enables us to improve our services for them. A greater understanding of the translation issue at hand produces a much more successful translation. Our personal approach also means that we are open and honest about everything we do. We always let our clients know what they will have to invest beforehand as well as what we will be delivering and when.

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