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Translating an annual report is good for your company image


An annual report deserves a great deal of attention – that counts for its translation too. An annual report is not only important internally. Because it is public information, it also becomes the ultimate annual business card for a company. A good annual report contributes to your company image and raises your level of prestige. A good, experienced translator knows that as well as the cultural differences that you have to take into account when doing business internationally. An annual report is not an advertising brochure, but the translation deserves just as much attention.


Formatting and printing your annual report

An annual report often has a complicated production process. It is much more than just a well-organized stack of paperwork printed from a Word document. The capable hands of Nimus can handle any file type or technical illustration, from graphics and drawings to videos and animations, in order to bring your annual report to life. Simply translating the text properly is not enough.
Nimus will support you in publishing a successful annual report in every way: the layout, printing advice, reading recommendations, and function. We also have experience in dealing with different fonts, even those developed for characters in Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese. If necessary, a non-Dutch DTP expert will look into the appropriate layout.


Final editing after translation – fine-tuning

Is the translation of your annual report complete? Is the design finished? Is it in a style that you know will still make an impact abroad? That is not quite enough for us at Nimus: we won’t approve the annual report until after it has undergone a final check. As an additional service, an experienced chief editor with a business background evaluates the translated end product, even after it has been implemented. Afterwards, we will submit the final report to you again for internal review by all your experts.
This gives you the peace of mind to present the annual report in a language that you may not have a strong command of: for your shareholders, new clients, and anyone else who has shown an interest in your products and services.

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