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Would you trust someone to translate an app if they didn’t understand the technology behind it? At Nimus, we wouldn’t risk it. Developing and building an app in your own language is difficult enough. It’s not just the functionality that has to be functioning perfectly. The user experience has to be perfect as well. Language plays a huge role in the user journey. Translation issues can easily suppress the international breakthrough of an emerging app. That’s Nimus translations has a specialized approach to app translations.

What can you expect from our app translations?


Translating apps across the board

We translate all kinds of apps: mobile apps, business applications, mobile websites, complex software, and much more. Each type of app is unique. It has its own strengths, aims, and common hurdles. So it only makes sense that this would apply to a translated app as well.


Specialized app translators

Translating an app truly requires a specific skill set. If you want your app to reach international audiences, you need a strategic approach. At Nimus translations, the app is in the hands of capable professionals with extensive experience in translating software. Our providers are well versed in translating the user interface (UI). Additionally, they’re proficient in handling user documentation (UA) of software products.


Localization: Adapting apps to international users

A good international app requires more than just the literal translation of the text. The app as a whole needs to be adapted for the local market. The professional term for this process is “localization”. This means making an app or software suitable for a target audience in order to implement it successfully. For example: some words or phrases in one language may have a negative or inappropriate connotation in another. A good translator avoids these pitfalls and comes up with fitting, alternative solution. This will take your app to the next level!


Innovative solutions

Programming is not our specialty: we leave that to the developers! However, we do know a thing or two about technology, specifically about the file types that you are able to export from your software. We can translate pretty much all common file formats. This saves you all the cutting and pasting work. In turn, we can prevent errors, save on unnecessary costs, and yield a better result. At Nimus, we take all the stress out of translation.

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