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While the Asian world is significant in many ways, the large number of languages and native speakers is particularly interesting for a translation agency. And for you, of course, if you want to do business in Asia!

Although only Chinese is considered a World language, the importance of languages such as Japanese and Korean should not be understated either.

Since Asian languages are generally regarded as rather difficult to learn, we prefer not to take any risks. In order to reach your target group with the perfect text, we only employ native speakers of your target language. This also simplifies the incorporation of local trends and tastes into the translation: with some creative input, your website, app or marketing material will sound even more appealing. But don’t worry: our translators know when creative license is out of place. The specialists at Nimus translations will also translate your contracts, company documents and other highly important documents in an accurate and detail-oriented manner.

If you need a translation into an Asian language, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our native-speaking specialist translators will be happy to handle your request.

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