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Translating international brochures

Translating a clear, appealing brochure properly requires an experienced translator. That’s because a brochure is about more than just the translated text. The farther abroad you go, the more likely the sensibilities of your readers will differ from your local audiences. Therefore you should consider various cultural differences in the country where you plan to release the brochure.

We will also help you with the technical aspects of designing, printing, and distributing the product. Nimus translations is a translation agency that never shies away from different file types or printing requirements. These vary from the usual Microsoft Office file types to XLIFFs to desktop publishing InDesign file formats: Nimus translations can handle them all. If it turns out that the translation no longer fits the original layout — think texts in Arabic, Japanese, or Chinese — our DTP partners will adapt the layout to create a well-translated document. Our DTP partners aren’t only Dutch: we collaborate with providers who work with non-Latin alphabets, such as those we just mentioned. The only way to make a good impression with a folder or brochure abroad is to have it translated effectively.


Translation or complete transcreation?

A well-crafted, appealing brochure usually has more kick to it than just some bland text. Whether an advertisement sinks or swims is determined by clever, carefully crafted one-liners – a single sentence tells the whole story. It should get stuck in your head: if it does, you are sure to see your sales figures spike. This means that translating folders or brochures word for word is never enough. Our translators are native speakers, who know their language inside and out. They understand cultural jokes, wordplay, and a host of other regional specifics. Transcreation – the creative translation of an advertisement or advertising campaign – is the best option for your translation. Sometimes, leaving well enough alone is the best solution. There probably isn’t a Swede or a Colombian out there who hasn’t heard of Nike’s “Just do it”. If that’s the case, our translators will leave the text as is.


Final editing after translation – fine-tuning

Is the translation of your brochure done? Is the design finished? Will the style still make an impact abroad? That is not quite enough for us at Nimus. As an additional service, an experienced editor evaluates the translated end product, even after it has been implemented. Would a German like to bring a brochure with her to a trade fair? Does a Frenchman prefer to receive a pamphlet in his mailbox? Nimus will help you work out all the details and then puts the solutions into practice!

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