Case study: Webshop Translation for Bedrucktebueroklammern

Increasing revenue and site ranking through webshop translation

Every now and then we get the opportunity to look back on some special, enjoyable, or particularly successful translations. In the case of our client Lautenbag Reclame, we’re proud to say our webshop translation contributed to the success of Bedrucktebueroklammern. We translated this webshop into German using a SEO-based approach. In the following case study we will evaluate how we tackled this project in collaboration with Lautenbag Reclame. What results did we achieve for the client in terms of site visitation and growth?


The client

First things first, some background info. Lautenbag Reclame is an advertising consultancy that, among other products and services, offers promotional products. One of their popular products is printed paperclips, sold through the webshop Bedrucktebueroklammern.

Website translation for Bedrucktebueroklammern

Bedrucktebueroklammern produces promotional clips for a whole host of high-profile clients. Examples include FC Bayern München, LG, Vodafone, Ferrari, UEFA, Eintracht Frankfurt, LYNX, HAYS, Remax and Melitta.

The client’s predicament

The webshop had been available in German since 2007, but the client wanted it to be translated in a more professional manner. The website required improvement both in terms of language and style, as well as its Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There was still room to grow in the German market, and the client wanted to seize this opportunity:

“We wanted to have our German website translated professionally, and improve the content to eliminate any doubts with future prospects,” Ferdinand Lautenbag of Lautenbag Reclame explained. The issue at hand was that their direct competitor ranked higher in the search results in Google. A Dutch native with a good grasp of the German language performed their previous translation, but this couldn’t compare to a native translator. This translator also didn’t utilize a specific SEO tactic.

It’s clear it was time for a native German translator. Why a native speaker? Native German translators aren’t just experts in terms of the German language, but also in terms of the German audience and search terms. This insight is important in a webshop translation, to write effective meta descriptions and key phrases. Additionally, another caveat for the translation was that search terms had to appear in the header and text body. This would improve the ranking in Google – which is the ultimate goal for any webshop!


Our webshop translation approach

The first steps in the translation process for a webshop are about laying the right foundations. Through research, we developed a list of the most important industry-related search terms in Germany. These were essential to help potential customers find the client’s website. After the client’s approval of this list, we reviewed and edited all the texts on the website to adapt these to the newly established SEO-guidelines. During this process, we also performed our usual translation service, ensuring the language itself is faultless, effective and reflects the client and the product. For this purpose, we used a native German translator with marketing experience. Thanks to our advanced translation technology, exporting texts to our translation software is quick and easy.

As an additional task, we created an “Impressum” page – these are commonly used on German websites to summarise important company info. This was an essential part of the website as a whole.

During the entire duration of the translation process, we worked closely together with the client. This way we can ensure we are working according to the client’s wishes. “We knew what we wanted, Nimus understood this and converted this to a product that suited our needs,” as stated by Ferdinand Lautenbag.

Both parties experienced this collaborative process as pleasant and productive: “It was a positive experience for us. The process was run exceptionally smoothly.”


The results

Since the webshop translation took place, the number of visitors to the site has grown by over 16% – a great result! The company receives over 100 requests per month, 75% of which comes from German customers.

So, in conclusion, is it worth it to have your webshop translation done professionally by a translation agency such as Nimus translations? Just ask Ferdinand Lautenbag:

“If I had to give my advice, I’d say: if you want to do business across the border, have your website translated by something who speaks and writes the language faultlessly, and knows how people from the country in question search the internet. Nimus is the perfect partner for this task!”

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