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Chinese – or Mandarin, to be more precise – is the most widely spoken language in the world.  However, there are many variations of the Chines language. This poses a challenge for many companies that want to enter the Chinese market. There are many dialects that need to be considered, it’s difficult to know where to start.

While this mainly applies to companies that want to reach Chinese customers, it also affects the communication with corporate partners. Sure, the main language spoken in international B2B markets is English. However, it is advisable to translate important documents into the native language of your business partner. You can trust Nimus translations to take care of this for you. The professional translators at Nimus translations will appreciate the subtle nuances of your contract or company document. Because of this, our Chinese translations don’t miss out on the important details. This way, your business relationship is off to a respectful and transparent start.


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Exclusively native speakers

It is important to match the language of the target group exactly. Especially when translating into Chinese. The numerous dialects mean the translator needs specialized knowledge that only a native speaker can have. At Nimus translations, we work exclusively with translators who possess such knowledge. Native speakers will always incorporate small subtleties into the Chinese translation. This way, your message will come across as you intended it to.


Translators with specialist knowledge

Excellent language skills alone are not enough to create a perfect translation. If a Chinese translator is familiar with the subject matter, they will be familiar with the terminology as well. Not only that, but the type of the text also plays a role. For example, a marketing text for a pharmaceutical company differs greatly from an instruction manual for an automotive supplier. At Nimus translations, we make every effort to use translators and proofreaders with experience in both areas.


Do you know the Chinese characters?

It is often difficult for a customer to assess the quality of a translation. This is even harder if the language doesn’t utilize the Latin alphabet. That’s why it is so important to have a qualified translation partner at your side – preferably one who has the appropriate certificates. The ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 standards play an important role in assuring the quality of the translation. Luckily, Nimus translations has certificates for all of these. Because of this, you can rely on our standardized processes as well as clear and reliable quality assurance systems.


Technical solutions for more efficient processes

Imagine you had to copy and paste the content you want to have translated from your CMS into a document to send it to us. It’s easy to make a mistake in this process. Just imagine what the Chinese translation might look like. In order to avoid such cumbersome and risky processes, we are happy to support you with our innovative technical solutions. By setting up an API interface, the (re-)import of your content becomes effortlessly and error-free. This way you save precious time – a valuable resource when trying to enter a new market.

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“The translation of our German website by Nimus translations has greatly improved our organic position in Google! Fast and clear communication. In short, a very good experience!”


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