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CRM translations for international businesses


Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is crucial for a healthy company. CRM systems collect data from different channels. For example, email and telephone lines, or marketing campaigns and social media channels.  It gives you invaluable insight into your customers behavior. As a result, you keep customers coming back, driving sales and growth. CRM translations are even more important in an international business. Just think how helpful it is to share these insights with stakeholders and colleagues abroad!


Specialized CRM translators with the right insight

Nimus translations is an experienced technical translation agency. Our translators have proven experience in software translations. Not only do our linguists have the technical insight, they also understand the unique requirements of CRM systems. Whether it’s marketing automation or data mining, they can handle it. Moreover, our translators understand that CRM software should give you all the information you want in one glance. That means the language should be direct and unambiguous. Our linguists have lots of experience translating user interface (UI) content.

Additionally, CRM solutions are often developed for a specific industry. Luckily, our large network of linguists includes translators from any background. Need a linguist with specific HR experience, or knowledge of the service industry? Just ask! We can tailor our translation service to the needs of any business.


Localizing CRM software for international businesses

CRM systems help business managers make more informed decisions. However, if you work in an international business, there are more players who are involved in the decision-making process. Think of international partners, or stakeholders overseas, or marketing managers in one of your worldwide offices. For your CRM system to be just as successful abroad as it is in your home country, it needs to be adapted to local requirements. The professional term for this process is “localization”. This means making an app or software meet the needs of local users. These needs can be different in other locations.

That’s why we only use native speakers for our CRM translations. These linguists understand local software requirements. Curious to hear more about your target country or language? Get in touch, and we’d be happy to advise you!

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