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Denmark is, like the other Scandinavian countries, not just an attractive holiday destination. It also offers companies outside the tourism industry many opportunities to expand and target a new group of people. Do you already have plans for your entry in the Danish market? We will be happy to provide you with the translations you require. In Nimus translations you will have a competent partner who can support you. We can help you in your communication with the Danish authorities, potential partners, and your target group of Danish companies or end customers.


Our promise to you:


Exclusively native speakers

At Nimus translations, we always pay attention to the translator’s mother tongue when receiving a translation request. In fact, this is one of the most important criteria when we select a suitable candidate. Because we never use a translator whose native language is not the target language of your text. This is a requirement because the Danish language is full of linguistic peculiarities and language trends. A person who learns the Danish language later in life, and who may not even live in the country, will find it difficult to recognize these specific characteristics and translate them appropriately. With the native speaker approach we can assure you of a flawless translation that corresponds to the regional language and tastes of your target group.


Specialists in your field

A special feature of the translators at Nimus translations is that they cannot rely solely on their linguistic skills. Only a translator who is familiar with your industry can translate your text to the highest standard. This is why all our translators specialize in one or a few areas of expertise. They only translate for the fields that they know best, and in which they possess extensive background knowledge. The translator’s specialization in your industry is a measure that guarantees the accuracy of the industry-specific terminology: At Nimus, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that your text makes a great impression on your Danish target group.


Certified by an independent testing agency

To prove that we don’t only talk about high quality translations, but also act accordingly, we have been certified according to the international ISO standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.  We received these certifications after an external auditor has taken a close look at our translation agency to determine whether we have a sound quality management system (QMS) and a standardized translation process. As a certified translation agency, we can guarantee that we consistently provide our clients with high quality translations.


Innovative technical solutions

The translation industry is often regarded as somewhat traditional. And this is true to a certain extent, because people remain an integral part of the translation process. But we at Nimus believe that it is equally important to optimize the translation process through technical solutions. With the help of a translation memory, we are able to translate all your texts with consistent vocabulary and according to your wishes. Based on a terminology list that we create together with you, we always use your preferred technical terms or product names. Sounds expensive? It isn’t. On the contrary: since we don’t have to translate these words again, we won’t charge you for them – because of course we wouldn’t charge you for anything we don’t have to touch.


“Top notch as far as we’re concerned.”



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