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Dutch translations from a Dutch translation agency

Need a professional Dutch translation agency? Look no further. At Nimus translations we offer translations into more than 160 languages. However, our most popular language pair is the English-Dutch language combination. Of course, this is not a big surprise – our office is situated in the Netherlands, after all! We might biased, but the Netherlands, with its huge exports and strong and stable economy, offers great business opportunities. And what could be a better approach to target this market than addressing your audience in its native language?

To help your company succeed in this country, we have built up a large network of excellent translators. Depending on your needs, we can also provide you with translations into Flemish (Belgian Dutch)!


What can you expect from our Dutch translations?


The native speaker principle

Dialects exist in every language, and Dutch is no exception. Despite the relatively small size of the Netherlands,  the language differs between regions. These regional language variants can be the key to your success. At Nimus translations, you can be sure that only native translators with the right regional background will work on your translation. This applies both to the actual translator of your documents and the qualified proofreader.


Specialized Dutch translators

Just as there are differences within a language, the same can be said for types of texts. Our objective of providing you with the best possible translation cannot be reached without thorough examination of the translation request. On the one hand, the type of text plays a role: is it a software, a legal document, or a creative marketing text? On the other hand, your industry is also of major importance. A translator who specializes in the medical and pharmaceutical sector cannot translate material for the automotive industry. Our Nimus team selects a linguist with the experience and skills required to incorporate the right technical and industry-specific terms and phrases into the translation.


Certified by the Dutch Testing Laboratory

Nimus translations utilizes an ISO-certified translation process. Our quality management systems (QMS) are also certified in accordance with ISO standards. That all sounds well and good, but what does it actually mean? Simply put, our standardized processes allow us to work efficiently and deliver translations of consistently high quality. As our client, you can therefore be certain that we do everything in our power to ensure the satisfaction of all involved parties.


Innovative solutions for simplified processes

At Nimus translations we do not stand in the way of technological development. Instead, we take on the technical possibilities and use them to our – and your – advantage. With the help of our IT hero, we ensure the simple and efficient data exchange for your translation documents. This saves you time and reduces the chances of errors that can occur during manual exporting and re-importing of texts. You can count on Nimus translations to help you with more than just translations! We’re as much an advisor for your business as a linguistic provider.

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