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England, Scotland, Ireland, the USA, and Australia. The Dutch do a lot of business in these countries. At Nimus translation, we want to support Dutch companies in their international activities. We do this by offering impeccable English translations, technical solutions, and a smooth, enjoyable collaboration. Do you have specific requirements for your translation? Do you need it very quickly? Are you interested in an API that allows our systems to work together seamlessly? Nimus translations has a wide range of options that we can discuss with you. Translation is our main task, but we’re also advisers. We like to involve the client and approach each task as a unique challenge.

Do you require British English or American English? Or maybe you’re hoping to spread to the Australian market? Nimus translations works with a network of professionals spread out across nearly any English-speaking country you could think of. They translate your texts into their native variety of the language. This means they know the ins and outs of the cultural and linguistic nuances in their home country. Whether you’re giving a speech at Oxford or drafting a contract in New York, our linguists have got you covered. They also speak the languages of marketing, search engines, software, medicine, and technology.


What can you expect?


Only native English speakers

Nowadays, many people can speak and write English fairly well. With that said, not everyone can carry out a translation. Translation is a craft that should be left to the professionals. There is also a big difference between someone who speaks English fluently and a native speaker who lives where the language is spoken on a daily basis. The latter will be familiar with the customs and culture, as well as small deviations and exceptions in the language. Nimus translations has a worldwide network of professional translators, all of whom live in the countries where the language of your translation is spoken.


Specialized knowledge

Our English translators possess an exceptional grasp of the language. However, an exceptional grasp is not enough, at least not for Nimus. We have pretty high standards. The translators that we select for your translation are experts in the subject matter of the text, too. We work with medical translators, technical translators, marketing translators, and so on. Simply put, these are professionals who not only speak English fluently, but also boast specialized knowledge.


A certified translation agency

Nimus translations is ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 18587 certified by the official Kiwa testing, inspection, and certification institute for translators. ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management. ISO 17100 is the international standard for translation agencies. Finally, ISO 18587 is the standard for post-editing, the treatment given to machine-translated content. We might have the fancy paperwork, but what does that mean for your English translation in practice? Your projects will always be translated and proofread by two separate English native speakers. Finally, we execute a stringent quality-control audit. These are all mandatory for the ISO certifications.


Innovative solutions, intelligent applications

As a translation agency, we receive countless documents that need to be translated into English each day. In most cases, they are sent as e-mail attachments. That’s not a problem, but it is not very efficient when carefully translating large amounts of text for large systems. Think about websites or software applications, for example. The content is often “hidden” in a CMS and has to be neatly put back into the CMS after translation. You run the risk of wasting your time or worse: mistakes! Nimus translations offers innovative solutions to make this type of exchange as easy as possible for you. Don’t feel like cutting and pasting into a document all day? Ask Nimus to help you with an innovative, sophisticated, and automated solution!


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