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The translation of an official financial document has to be extremely accurate. Annual reports, annual accounts, and management reports have been drawn up with the utmost care. Because we know you can’t afford to lose any information in the translation. Nimus translations provides prompt, flawless financial translations. This way all authorized persons at your international company can see the correct information.


Specialized translators for a range of financial translations

At Nimus translations, we have an extensive network of linguists. These translators each come with their own specializations, including insight in the financial market. Because of this, we can handle financial translations in almost any area:

  • Real estate
  • International trade
  • Automotive industry
  • Regional development

Of course, one financial document is not like the other. Our translators are accustomed to a range of document types within the financial industry, including:

  • Annual reports
  • Annual accounts
  • Management reports
  • Appraisals
  • Project applications
  • Tenders

Sometimes, translated financial documents need to be stamped by a notary. This is required to make them a valid official document in the target language. Nimus translations also assumes responsibility for this mandatory action. We will contact a sworn civil notary ourselves. As a result, you always receive a completed, valid document. You can use it immediately, without any further action.


Extremely accurate financial translations

An annual report, annual account, or management report is drawn up with great care and accuracy. The tone of voice should match the content: neutral and professional. However, you might want to add some flair to impress potential investors or clients. Whatever your aim, Nimus ensures that this is kept in consideration. We work together closely with our clients to ensure we understand your requirements. Transparency is key to achieve an accurate translation. Our translators have a great deal of specialized knowledge, and have experience in their field. Translators always collaborate on the translation, if only to keep each other on their toes. This prevents any careless translation. Even if errors do appear, they are immediately rectified during the review phase.

Rapid delivery is also available. If you have an unexpected meeting come up, you might need documents to be available in several languages. If you’re in a rush, our translators are up to the task. Your translated files will be ready in time, right when you need them!


Reliable privacy policy

The confidentiality of your financial documents is Nimus’ first priority. That’s why set up a reliable privacy policy. Additionally, all Nimus employees always sign a non-disclosure agreement. They don’t even set eyes on a translation before that’s sorted.  Because we want you to have peace of mind when you hand your materials over to us.



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