Foreign tourists are getting a unique experience thanks to Groningen startups

Groningen-based startups work together 

The newest translation agency from the city of Groningen, Nimus translations, handles all translations for The Grone. The Grone is the bus that brings tourists to the most beautiful places in Groningen. Thanks to this great collaboration between the two startups, the international public can experience all the wonderful things about our city.


On a voyage of discovery with monk Melchior

For the tourist, the adventure through the Groningen countryside already begins on The Grone’s website. It continues on the screens in the bus and via the app, Melchior, with his deep, rich voice, makes sure that the listeners are transported into the history and the traditional locations that Groningen has to offer. Because tourist brochures and flyers are things of the past.


“It’s an exciting challenge for us to translate The Grone’s vibrant content. The Grone is an absolute asset to the Groningen economy”, says Jelmer Klomp, account manager at Nimus translations.


Haskia Krame, initiator of The Grone: “We want to put Groningen on the map as the most beautiful and hospitable province. Hospitality also includes giving our guests as much information as possible in their own language. We already have English and German texts on the bus, on our website, and in our app. We would like to add more languages soon. That’s why it’s great that we found a fast and flexible translator in Nimus. We tell the story of Groningen. These are stories that you have to feel. Nimus’ translators are able to convey that feeling in other languages!”


From left to right Jelmer Klomp (Nimus translations), Peter Doorn (Groningen Connect/The Grone), Haskia Kramer (Groningen Connect/The Grone)


Groningen, the place to be

If we are to believe the American news channel CNN and the leading British newspaper, The Guardian, Groningen is the place to be! No wonder Groningen is mentioned in numerous tourist lists. In recent years alone, Groningen has welcomed over two million individual tourists (Source: Tourism Groningen). Of course, tourists prefer to absorb information in their own language. It is only logical that the new initiative, The Grone, sought out a cooperation with the startup, Nimus translations.


About The Grone

Starting in March, the adventure bus, The Grone, will drive through the north of Groningen via the Middag-Humsterland to the Landgoed Verhildersum. During the ride, the tourist, expat, entrepreneur, or anyone else who is interested can enjoy a delicious lunch made from local products. You’ll experience how time can come to a standstill as you watch the ebb and flow of the Noordpolderzijl continue on, seemingly into eternity. You will pay a visit to the Goliath polder mill and drive on to Eemshaven, where the wind always blows.

Along the way, you’ll receive additional information about the area via an app. If you want to use it, you’ll need a smartphone and headphones. For example, you can hear tales from an unusual storyteller, the monk, Melchior. Of course, you can also simply look outside and enjoy the beautiful Groningen countryside.

You will experience Groningen like never before. You will discover, hear, and feel the beauty of Groningen and its people.


About Nimus translations

Nimus translations is the younger brother of the already established translation agency, Global textware. For more than twenty years, the agency has been serving brands worldwide with quality translation services. What once started with translations into Dutch has grown into a full service translation agency for all languages across the world. Nimus translations is an innovative, ISO-certified translation agency that helps realize its clients’ international ambitions. It’s the same team, but with a new look, within the Global textware network.

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