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French is the official language of 29 countries – no wonder it’s classified as a world language! ot doesn’t matter whether want to do business in France, Switzerland or Belgium. The specialized translators from Nimus translations will provide you with top-notch translations of your documents.

It doesn’t matter if you need an unusual file format, or whether you’re working with tight deadlines. With our innovative technical solutions we will always find a way to support you in your work. Because Nimus is not just about translations, but first and foremost about you; our client.


What can you expect?


Only native French speakers

No matter how fluent a non-native French-speaking translator is, your texts deserve more. Nimus translations only uses native French speakers who also live in the target country of your translations. This is the only way to incorporate local particularities into the translation without distorting the message of the source text. Because a translation that is technically correct won’t cut it if it doesn’t appeal to your target group.



Our French translators live and breathe the language every day. But we don’t stop there. In order to provide you with the best translation possible, our translators will support you not only in terms of language, but also the content. We won’t ask a translator to work on your French translation request unless they’re also specialized in your industry. The translator’s extensive background knowledge means they know industry-specific terminology. And the content type is also important. Our trained translators know exactly how to approach content types such as marketing and legal translations. The same applies to the translation of contracts, manuals and medical texts: whatever type of translator you need, we can help you out.


Translation agency with quality guarantee

For companies hoping to do business in a French-speaking country, it is vital that their efforts are not compromised by poor translations. To ensure this, Nimus translations has acquired important international certifications. With the certificate for quality management (ISO 9001), the certificate for translation agencies (ISO 17100), and the certificate for post-editing (ISO 18587) we are perfectly equipped to provide you with a high-quality French translation.


Innovation as a translation partner

Nimus translations is supporting companies with ambitions. Just like our clients, we are doing everything in our power to offer the best service possible in the most efficient way – at the lowest achievable price of course. That’s why we work with automation options that simplify the work for us and for you. No more copy-and-paste madness, no more cumbersome manual exporting and re-importing of content embedded in Content Management Systems (CMS). Nimus offers innovative technical solutions for simple and efficient data exchange.

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“Our medical documentation is translated quickly and professionally. It’s nice to work with such a reliable partner.”



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