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Are you going to do business in a German-speaking country? Do you already have a location in Germany that is doing well for itself? Sudden influx of German clients? In all those cases, it would be wise to have documentation, a website, or marketing material in German. We mean flawless Standard German, not the awkward Low German that we are all familiar with. Nimus translations will help you on your way. As an experienced German translation agency, we have already done many translations into German. These include legal documentation, web content, pamphlets and brochures, and software texts. Nimus translations is comfortable working with all kinds of texts.

As a rule, people like to read texts in their own language. German natives are no exception. In fact, German consumers in particular have a great appreciation for a high-quality text. Otherwise, they don’t feel as if they are being taken seriously and lose interest. They are quick to see spelling mistakes as indications of a lack of professionalism and reliability. That could mean your good name down the drain, all because of one mediocre translation. As a professional German translation agency, we ensure that all your texts for the German market are of high quality. You can rest easy: at Nimus, we take all the stress out of the translation process.


What should you expect from a German translation?


German translators only

Native speakers are the backbone of translation industry and with good reason. Only a true native speaker will be able to translate a text into a desirable level of German. They know the finer points of the language, developments that it has undergone, and the changes to the local tastes and preferences that may have changed somewhat over the years. Put simply, native speakers can produce natural, fluid translations that read well, which is ultimately what you want. For this reason alone, we only use German native speakers for translations into German.


German-speaking specialists in every field

Do you have a company in the medical world? The manufacturing industry? Nimus translations has dedicated, German-speaking experts for each field. Manuals, websites, software, general terms and conditions: this is just a handful of the types of translations that our German-language professionals work on. Nimus translations is also the perfect partner for SEO translations of German-speaking websites.


A certified German translation agency

The quality of products and services is of paramount importance to German consumers. Since texts and documentation are an essential part of a product’s overall package, they simply have to be good in order to be successful in German-speaking countries. There should be no errors and the text should hone in on the interests and preferences of the German reader. High quality is the Nimus standard. As a certified German translation agency, we know exactly what we need to do to take your translation to the next level. You want a product that is fully accepted by German readers and website visitors.


Technical solutions for improved quality

As a translation agency, we have knowledge of languages and cultures all over the world. Since we also pride ourselves on our innovative approach, we want to do more for our clients than just translate. If something can be done faster, better, more consistently, more easily, or more price-consciously, we won’t waste a second in making the option available to our clients. For example, we are actively exploring the potential to use an API to establish a connection between two internal systems, yours and ours. Of course, secrecy and confidentiality are always guaranteed: that is essentially the first thing you learn as a professional translator.

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“The translation of our German website by Nimus translations has greatly improved our organic position in Google! Fast and clear communication. In short, a very good experience!”


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