Have your Valentine’s Day letter translated by our translation-Cupid Hero

Win a free translation of your Valentine's love letter

What’s the best way to declare your love to the object of your affections? Why, a romantic love letter of course!

Valentine’s Day might most lovebirds blush with excitement, but no one wants to be left red-faced because of a spelling error in “roses are read, violets are blue”…yikes.

So leave the translations to the professionals!

Would you like to declare your (secret) love in a  beautifully written love letter? This Valentine’s Day, our Hero Nimus will play the translation-Cupid!

No language combination is too crazy for us. So don’t hesitate and send us your letter! We will make sure that you can surprise your Valentine with a love letter in any  language you want.

Three lucky winners will be selected from the submissions.



Campaign conditions

  •     Send your love letter no later than Monday, February 11th before 12:00;
  •     Clearly indicate the language into which we should translate the letter;
  •     The love letter should be no longer than 250 words;
  • Hero will return the translation of your Valentine’s letter to you before 17:00 on Wednesday, February 13th at the latest;
  • The translation prize is not exchangeable for money or other goods;
  • There will be no correspondence about the results;
  • The draw of the winners will be random and impartial;
  • If you have any questions, please contact our heroes at info@nimus.nl
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