Hero Nimus on a road trip to Dubrovnik

The European Language Industry Association (ELIA) organized networking days for executives on 9 and 10 May for the fourth time. This year, they were held in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Hero Nimus took his backpack and crossed Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia to take part in this conference.

Right now, I am staying in a small mountain village on the river Mur in Austria. German is the official language here, though it’s technically the Steiamoak dialect. This area, Styria, is a state in Austria. Or, as the Austrians call it, Steiermarken. A long mountain hike is the ideal preparation for the conference, which will start next Wednesday evening with an informal drink in the Sunset Lounge. Of course, there will be a beautiful sunset, which Dubrovnik is known for. Thursday and Friday will be devoted to growth strategies in an increasingly internationalized world. This includes managing new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and discovering growing markets such as Africa, Asia, and India along with your clients.

Between sessions and after the conference, I will immerse myself in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Dubrovnik. This beautiful city is also the backdrop for the successful series Game of Thrones.

We look forward to discussing the opportunities for the future with fellow translation agencies. There is nothing better than meeting new colleague translation agencies and preparing Nimus translations to move up to the next level.

For more information on this European conference, visit event.elia-association.org

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