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Italian is universally known as one of the “languages of love”. The melodious language doesn’t just enhance your charm – it also offers many possibilities to sweep your Italian target audience off their feet.

Do you have business plans for Italy? The country offers unique opportunities for your company. If you have an appealing translation, that is. Whether it’s for a website, operating manual or software: our translations can help you realize your company dreams in Italy.


What can you expect from Nimus translations?


Our guarantee: only native speakers

All Italian translators working at Nimus have one important thing in common: Italian is their mother tongue. At Nimus translations, only qualified native speakers who live in Italy and come into contact with the local (language) culture every day, deal with your translation request. As you can’t expect a non-native speaker to know every detail of the language, this approach ensures that small linguistic peculiarities are always taken into account during the translation process.


Expert language professionals

To enchant your Italian target audience with your translated content you need more than just excellent language skills. Only a translator who is familiar with the subject matter of the text can really choose the right expressions. With the help of a specialized translator, misunderstandings caused by multiple possible interpretations or misuse of industry-specific terminology will be avoided. With Nimus translations’ industry experts, nothing stands in the way of your success in Italy.


Nimus – your certified translation partner

The quality of products and services is of utmost importance for your plans abroad — and it is crucial to make a good impression even before the sale. The packaging design plays a role, but so does the advertising text. Spelling mistakes or awkward phrasings are a no-go. As an ISO-certified translation agency, we can guarantee the consistently high quality of our translations — so that you can impress on the Italian market.


Tailored technical solutions for your company

At Nimus translations, we work with translation memories that we build and refine with your help. This means that we create a terminology list for your individual company, containing the correct technical terms and specific translation requests. After we have confirmed these with you, they will automatically be inserted in future translations. This is how we can guarantee the consistent use of your preferred vocabulary. And that is not the only advantage: because our translators do not have to deal with previously translated words manually, your translation orders will become cheaper as time goes on. Because if we don’t have to change anything, we won’t charge anything.


“Top notch as far as we’re concerned.”



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