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Are you planning your entrance into the Japanese market? Or are you already working with a Japanese company and would like to translate some documents for them? Then you’ve come to the right place. No matter the reason behind your need for a Japanese translation: at Nimus translations, we can provide you with high-quality translations for a wide range of text types in a variety of industries – just let us know what you need and we will find the perfect translator for your demands!


What can you expect from us?


Our Japanese translators are native speakers

If you want to reach a Japanese audience, you need a native-speaking Japanese translator. Just as you have to prove your competence in B2B industries, Japanese audiences are not impressed by half-hearted translation attempts. Only with a perfectly translated text that meets the local language standards and matches the Japanese taste can your business thrive in the land of the rising sun. That’s why Nimus translations only uses native speakers who interact with the Japanese language on a daily basis.


Language professionals with added expertise

It doesn’t matter whether you would like us to translate your marketing texts or your instruction manuals: only an expert within your industry can translate your carefully constructed documents appropriately. This is because many industries have specific terminologies that an unqualified translator would not be able to correctly translate into Japanese. But with Nimus translations, there is no need to worry. We never use a translator who does not have extensive knowledge of your sector. We have medical translators, technical specialists and marketing professionals  with background knowledge of various industries.


Certified for success

In order to prove that we practice as we preach, we have had this confirmed by an independent third party: Nimus translations is ISO-certified. We are the proud owners of the ISO 9001 certificate for quality management systems and the ISO 17100 certificate for translation service providers. This means that customer requirements, and therefore the quality of our translations, are our top priority!


Innovative solutions for perfect translation

At Nimus we are true lovers of technology. We use translation memories with terminology lists that allow us to store previously translated words. This means we can then incorporate these stored phrases into future translations – free of charge. Our technological expertise helps us make the translation process as simple and efficient as possible. API interfaces and the translation of unusual document formats are no challenge for us. No matter what you need: We will be happy to help you with the technical aspects of the translation process!


“Nimus translations is characterized by a personal approach and short lines of communication, and they deliver an excellent end product.”


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