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Do you have plans to expand your business in Korea? To reach the 75 million Korean-speaking people, you need an excellent translation tailored to your target audience. Because, although Koreaon is spoken across the whole of Korea, there are always some regional dialects and language trends that need to be considered for a successful market entry.

At Nimus translations, we can help you translate your documents, brochures and web content into Korean. That way, you can concentrate on your business venture.


What can we assure you?


Native Korean speakers

Korean is a difficult language to master. And although there are always exceptions, as a general rule of thumb, no one speaks a language like a native speaker. We prefer not to take any risk with your translation requests. That’s why Nimus translations only employs native Korean speakers. This offers the added advantage that our translators, besides speaking the language perfectly, are also aware of the previously mentioned differences in local trends and tastes. They are therefore able to adapt your text to suit your target group perfectly and address them in their preferred way.


Translators with specialist knowledge

In addition to our focus on the linguistic quality of the translation, we also greatly value the content of your texts. We appreciate that only a translator who is familiar with the subject matter at hands can convey the message in an effective way. We ensure the accuracy of our translations by using qualified specialist translators who have extensive background knowledge of your industry. These translators will be familiar with any technical terminology and peculiarities within the industry, so they will have no trouble selecting the best words for your texts.


Certified according to international standards

Ensuring a consistently high quality is difficult, especially when offering a service so varied as that of a translation agency. But at Nimus translations, we don’t see the varying nature of our translation projects as an obstacle to a continuous high-quality service. Instead, it is a challenge that we are happy to take on: In order to guarantee our customers the quality they deserve, we have acquired certifications according to ISO standards. The ISO 9001 standard ensures a good quality management system (QMS), which is thoroughly documented in a quality manual. All the employees at Nimus translations have access to this book and must adhere to its guidelines. Aside from that that, we are also the proud owners of an ISO 17100 certificate, which describes the exact conditions a provider of translation services must meet. This includes everything — from personnel management to contractual conditions — that influences the quality of our services.


Technical solutions for more efficient processes

Are you familiar with the export function of your content management system (CMS)? Since we need the source text in order to produce a translation, we have an IT hero who can help you with the export of your translation texts. While it is always possible to copy and paste everything into an email, this time-consuming and error-prone method is anything but productive. At Nimus translations, we are happy to help you optimize this process and thus save you time and money. And it does not end here! Feel free to contact us about any questions you might have about the technical aspects of your translation needs for Korea. We can handle it.

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