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Every company and institution has to deal with them: a privacy statement, general terms and conditions, contracts, and so on. In these types of legal documents, it is almost impossible to avoid rather complex formulations: rights and obligations simply have to be put to paper in an airtight, unambiguous manner, with no risk of misunderstandings. The translation should never omit any part of the message. Small oversights on the part of the translator, not grasping the essence of the meaning, a misinterpretation of “the letter of the law”: these can all have serious financial or emotional consequences for those involved.

In order to ensure that legal translations are carried out meticulously, Nimus translations always assigns its best expert translator. We don’t stop there, though: we then have the text reviewed by a translator of equal expertise in order to guarantee a flawless end product. The translators also have knowledge of the relevant legislation and regulations, including local laws, so that the meaning of the document to be translated remains exactly the same in the other languages.

Do you need a sworn translation of an official document? Simply let us know the target languages: our translators are up to the task!


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What should you expect from a legal translation?

An accurate translation

It goes without saying that every translation should be accurate. In the case of a legal translation, this is absolutely crucial. A small difference between the source language and target language can have serious consequences. There is no room for free, creative interpretation by the translator. By always thoroughly proofreading our translations, Nimus ensures that your legal document is translated flawlessly.


Knowledge of laws and regulations

Legal documentation often contains the official nomenclature of various laws and institutions. Our translators are familiar with these terms in the target language and know when they should be translated and when they shouldn’t.

Use of translation memories

At Nimus, we recommend periodically updating your legal documentation to keep it current and in line with new legislation or guidelines. For this reason, we will discuss saving previously completed translations with you. When a change has to be made, we can easily exclude the previously translated parts or reuse them in the translation. You can also indicate what we should not retain – in order to comply with privacy legislation.


Sworn translations

You may need a sworn translation as an official declaration. Nimus translations has several translators who are allowed to provide sworn translations.

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Legal specializations

  • International trade
  • Legal practice
  • Notary
  • Education
  • Government

Can’t find the legal specialization or text you’re looking for? Feel free to enquire about all the options we offer!

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