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Expand your global reach with maritime translations

Nimus translations is based in The Netherlands, a country with an extensive maritime history. When it comes to trade and seafaring, we consider ourselves pretty experienced. Even today we are large players in the world of maritime infrastructure. Nimus translations offers a range of specializations within this industry, from drilling platforms to cruise ships. We can handle almost any text within this industry. Take for example technical specifications, environmental impact assessments, or geotechnical surveys. All of these are translated by professional technical translators with industry expertise.


Translators with technical insight

The maritime industry is characterized by a specialized use of language. Texts are dominated by technical jargon and terminology. That’s why this industry requires specialist translators. Translators with specific insight. With Nimus translations we ensure that an experienced technical translator handles your documentation. That’s the only way we can be sure we’re offering the insight your company deserves.


Maritime translations to every language

The maritime industry is, by definition, an international market. That’s why Nimus translations offers translations to languages from all over the world. This includes the languages spoken by our neighbors and trade partners: English, German, and French. But you can also count on us for maritime translations to other European languages, as well as Scandinavian, Asian, or Worldwide languages. In other words: a one-stop translation agency that can handle all your translations. Pretty convenient in international business.


ISO-certified for quality assurance

You want a maritime translation that is ready to go. You don’t want to worry about doing any further quality checks, or testing the text in the local market. That’s exactly what Nimus translations can offer you. Thanks to our ISO-certification we can assure you that we deliver a complete, professional service.

This means that we have a rigid structure for our translation process, including regular quality checks. We always use at least two linguists, both of which are native speakers. Because of this, you can rely on us to translate your texts correctly. Not only that, the use of native speakers also ensures the translation is written with the target country in mind. This means your documents will read like original texts in every language, rather than a blatant translation. Exactly as you intended it.


“Our collaboration with Nimus translations has been characterized by easy access to our Nimus contacts, fast communication, and clear agreements. Very refreshing!”



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