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A marketing translation requires a totally different approach than a “standard” translation, regardless of content: it may be a technicalmedical, or economic translation. It has to be more persuasive than texts such as manuals or official documents. This calls for different choices when translating.

A good marketing translation should motivate its audience to keep reading. It expresses what the client, the creator of the source text, wanted to say and why. This is why Nimus recommends that clients give our translators free creative rein. They will do whatever it takes to make it work — anywhere in the world! The result is always a fluid, captivating text in the target language. The translations are never literal, because they always focus on carrying across your message and intentions, in a way that suits the different wants and cultural expectations of your international clients.


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Remember to tell us about your SEO strategy: a well-crafted text doesn’t mean much until it reaches your clients.

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An opening in the market. Need something corrected that can’t wait? Want to get a leg up on the competition? Do you just need it fast? If so, it is time to start making use of Nimus translations’ rapid service!


“Our collaboration with Nimus translations has been characterized by easy access to our Nimus contacts, fast communication, and clear agreements. Very refreshing!”



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What can you expect?

An accurate SEO translation

You have already built and designed your website according to the rules of SEO. If you provide us with new texts for this website, please be sure to let us in on your SEO strategy. We don’t want it to get lost in translation. With the help of the right keywords, we can ensure that the translation achieves its full potential in the target market.



Your brand getting lost in translation would be a crying shame. At Nimus, we know from experience that the style chosen for marketing translations is of utmost importance for a perfect translation. We can only achieve this if we know and understand your company and your marketing strategy. Nimus likes to work closely together with you from the outset. A clever translation is what completes a story. It’s not uncommon that our translators who are proficient in marketing/have marketing experience may suggest entirely new texts, simply to provide more effective results. That does not mean there is anything wrong with the source text — it is meant for different readers!

Creative translators

Our translators provide creative translations of marketing texts. These are never literal, because they are always designed to suit the target group and purpose. Your original text is well crafted, well written, and carefully composed. Our job is to maintain your style in the target language, conveying your advertisement or marketing message in an equally conscientious and deliberate way. The translation will be consistent with your brand and business image.


Rapid service

For Nimus, every translation request is equally important. Do you want your entire website translated or do you just need some powerful phrases, asap? Nimus will respond to your request quickly and in detail. If a translation is time sensitive, we are always willing to take extra steps in order to deliver as soon as possible. We know that good timing is key when it comes to achieving marketing success!

Nimus has extensive experience with marketing translations


  • Retail
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Electronics
  • Advertising/PR
  • Automotive
  • Environmental

Can’t find the specialization or text you’re looking for? Feel free to enquire about all the options we offer!

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