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For the translation of medical documentation, many professionals in the medical world have already found their way to Nimus translations: quality assurance managers, regulatory affairs specialists, purchasing departments, healthcare institutions, health insurance providers, and the pharmaceutical industry. Our medical translators have extensive experience in translating package inserts for medication and medical devices, and patient information, but also have concrete knowledge of the technical terminology used in software and applications at hospitals. At Nimus translations, we know that a medical translation should only be handled by someone who specializes in medical texts.

As a certified translation agency, we have been serving various healthcare institutions for many years, not to mention a wide range of businesses in the field of life sciences. Nimus translations is a reliable translation partner who you can turn to for all your medical translations. It goes without saying that we treat all confidential information with discretion, whether it’s sensitive business information or personal privacy.

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“Our medical documentation is translated quickly and professionally. It’s nice to work with such a reliable partner.”



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What do we offer?

Correct medical translation

During the translation process, which has been designed in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard from start to finish, we employ innovative software. This approach offers great advantages: the software ensures that terminology is translated consistently and correctly. This is of the utmost importance in the medical world, where international communication is frequent and there is no room for misunderstandings. The use of this smart software also has a positive “side effect”: it saves our customers money. After all, the impeccable translation memory will retain duplicate phrases that appear in every translation, even in texts that cover similar topics later on. This means that if we have translated it before, we will not charge for it again.


 Confidentiality guaranteed

At Nimus translations, we are committed to the privacy of our customers. All the information that we ask you to share with us is in good hands. We strictly adhere to all relevant confidentiality and privacy laws.

 Certified translation agency

Nimus translations is ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified. As such, we comply with the strict standards that are required in order to provide a correct medical translation. In order to guarantee even higher quality, an expert editor always checks the medical translator’s first translation. The editor checks for consistency, grammar, and the use of the correct medical terminology. We also deliver the translation according to EMA guidelines when necessary. Because at Nimus translations, we know all too well that small errors in a medical text can have dire consequences.


 Innovative translation software

Nimus uses the latest translation software. This software does not perform the translation itself: it only serves as solid, flawless support for our translators. For example, the software keeps track of terms that are more common in a text and detects inconsistencies, in order to make the translation easier to understand.

Nimus has extensive experience with medical translations

Medical specializations

  • Contact lenses
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Clinical medicine
  • Surgical equipment
  • Dentistry

Can’t find the medical field or topic you’re looking for? Feel free to enquire about all the options we offer!

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