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Accurate MSDS translations for peace of mind

The importance of a material safety data sheet (MSDS) can’t be understated. They map out the precautions you need to take when dealing with various substances and products. An MSDS is always aimed at a specific occupation. These safety documents are especially important in the medical field. After all, medical professional frequently deal with hazardous substances. There is no room for misunderstanding or ambiguity when explaining the safety guidelines for these substances. That’s why Nimus translations has a modified approach for MSDS translations that you know you can trust.


Target audience of a MSDS translation

MSDS documents are not intended for the general public. Instead, they’re aimed at professionals in the field. That’s why we only use specialized translators. Our medical translators have verifiable experience in medical industries – guaranteed. For example, the translator will be familiar with the standard labels of the target country. These labels indicate physico-chemical, health, or environmental risks. The EU uses different labels to those used in, say, the US.

Our translators will tailor a translation to the target audience. This means they will assume the reader has knowledge of the subject, and will use the appropriate language. In other words, they won’t patronize their readers.


Knowledge of the target country

There are some international standards for MSDS documents. For example, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. This system sets out a format of 16 sections that MSDS documents should adhere to. However, some countries still have their own specific requirements. For example, there might be local rules about the proper disposal of certain chemicals. A translator needs to know and understand these variations. That’s why we always use native speakers.

Additionally, in the EU, an MSDS must be supplied in an official language of the target Member State(s). This is why translation of an MSDS is absolutely crucial. You can trust Nimus translations to provide an accurate service to produce a translation that’s fit-for-purpose. Translated by native linguists, with experience in the related field. That’s the Nimus guarantee.


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