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In the past, Norway traditionally attracted foreign companies offering motor vehicles, machinery and pharmaceutical products. But this Scandinavian country has far more to offer. Norway has a great deal of potential for all industries. So why translate into Norwegian? Even though many Norwegians are skilled English speakers, they too connect more easily to a text written in their native language. It’s easier to understand, and more relatable. Organizations in the Norwegian market require high-quality operating instructions, packaging inserts and marketing material in the regional language.

This is where Nimus translations comes in. Our extensive network of Norwegian translators offers specialized knowledge of a huge variety of industries. We can therefore provide you with high-quality translations that will sweep your Norwegian target audience off their feet.


Our promise to you:


Only native speakers

All our Norwegian translators are native speakers – with good reason. Every language contains linguistic subtleties and local variations that can only be understood by a person who lives the language rather than merely speaking it. An excellent non-native translator could translate your text perfectly. However, only a native speaker is able to adapt it to local preferences, giving it the linguistic authenticity needed to appeal to your target audience.


Translators with expertise

To perfectly translate complicated technical terms into Norwegian, the translator must be familiar with the subject matter of your texts. Nimus’ translators are therefore only assigned jobs for which they have thorough background knowledge. This ensures that the translators of your documents are always ideally suited for the task at hand, whether it’s marketing, software, or web content. Using this approach, we can always guarantee you a professional and high-quality translation.


Translations from a certified translation agency

Nimus translations has been ISO-certified. The ISO 9001 certificate confirms a good quality management system (QMS) through which we are constantly focusing on the requirements of our customers. We also hold an ISO 17100 certificate. This standard describes the international standard for language service providers. Lastly we have the ISO 18587 certification for post-editing. This is the service we offer to machine translated texts, offering a human touch to an automated translation. Working in line with these ISO-standards enables us to continuously provide our clients with high-quality translations and a transparent working relationship.


Impress online

Have you already thought about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website or webshop for your new target audience? In addition to quality translations into Norwegian, we also provide  search engine-optimized web content. Because we know how much research is required to reach a favorable position on the Google results page. It is very tempting to merely translate your existent keywords – after all, you have spent a lot of time and energy into the optimization of that content. But let’s be honest: that’s not going to cut it.

There are different search trends and keywords in every country. If you want to reach the Norwegian audience, you need a high-ranking website. We can examine what your Norwegian target audience is looking for online, and include it in the text. For this service, we use an SEO-specialized translator. These can find the perfect terms and immediately  incorporate them into your online text. The result? Your company’s  presence online will be reach its maximum potential. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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