Our method

First-rate translations and satisfied clients, guaranteed

The Nimus way of working in 7 steps

Experienced translators

Nimus sets the bar high for the translators and proofreaders who work on your project. Each translation is done by two experienced native speakers, who are expert translators with extensive knowledge in your specific field.


A fair deal

For every translation at Nimus, we make you an offer you won’t need to refuse. At Nimus you always pay a fair and competitive price.

Personal contact

At Nimus, we know that personal contact with our clients is crucial for success; yours and ours. If we get to know your company and specific wishes better, we can respond to your needs more quickly and deliver even better translations.


A working process

By using a strictly defined, certified process, we are able to provide translations of consistently high quality. We are an officially certified translation agency and we plan on keeping it that way. As a client, you should expect only the best from us.

Working with Nimus

Do you have regular translation work and need a consistent partner? Nimus prefers to invest in long-term partnerships with its clients. An ongoing collaboration with Nimus yields substantial benefits for both the short and long term.

Save on costs

Since Nimus saves translated content from the same client and can reuse it in a smart, innovative way for similar assignments, it is highly likely that the price of your translation projects will become less expensive the longer you work with us. After all, we will have already translated parts of the new assignment for you at an earlier time. Of course, we would never charge you again for work that we have done for you before. It also improves consistency – the same terms and concepts are used.


Save on time

A significant advantage of long-term collaboration is the time that it saves. After a number of assignments, we know the best way to organize our communication with you. As a result, everything moves much more quickly on both sides. Whenever possible, we propose the use of automation as well. For example, after a small investment, we can use an API to exchange content between our two systems much more quickly and accurately. This puts an end to error-prone, time-consuming manual work.


Even better quality

Thanks to our method and the monitoring of our process, we guarantee high quality as standard. The longer the collaboration, the better we understand what you are looking for, which enables us to improve upon the solutions that we provide. This makes each new translation even better.

Are you interested in engaging in a constructive collaboration where you know what to expect? Please contact Nimus for more information! Call 050-5844030 or e-mail us at sales@nimus.nl. Would you prefer that we call you? We will contact you as soon as we can.

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