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What do I pay for my translation?

At Nimus translations we offer our clients competitive rates. Why? Because we want to make sure language barriers are the least of our clients’ worries. The best service, at the best price.

More importantly, as our regular clients know all too well, our service only gets cheaper over time. We make this possible through the use of innovative translation software. This software lets us save our translations within a translation memory. Any recurring text within a translation is therefore copied, meaning you don’t need to pay twice. The result? You cut costs, and we provide consistent translations. Double win.


Our rates

Our daily work revolves around helping companies and organisations communicate effectively, in any language. Big or small, we can offer support to any client. Every company’s needs are unique, and so are their translations. This makes pricing for translations can be pretty variable. That’s why we always offer a custom quote, tailored to your demands.

At Nimus translations we offer a rate per word, and per hour. The rate per word is dependent on the selected languages, the area of expertise, the workload, and the goal of the translation. A translation to English, Dutch, German, or French is available from as little at € 0.10 per word (based on the source text).

Do you need help developing a terminology list, SEO keywords analysis, or an in-depth review of a previously translated text? Then we offer our hourly rate of 75 euro per hour, excluding VAT.

Do you have any additional challenges for us? Just get in touch! We’re happy to tell you more about all the services we can offer.


Big, small, or urgent?

We’re transparent about the way we set our rates. If you have a big translation job, we can offer an even better price. For very small jobs, we offer a minimum rate of 25 euros, excluding VAT.

Are you in a big rush? No worries. We will do everything in our power to sort it out for you. Without the additional rush fees.

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