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An essential tool for innovative, better-functioning solutions

Nimus embraces technology

Nimus is technically advanced. It would be fair to call us a forerunner in our industry. This approach is a conscious decision. While translating may still be a task that requires a human touch, centered around people’s tastes and creativity, technical solutions are an increasingly important part of our work. We see technology as an helpful support tool to achieve the best results. Our own IT heroes have thoroughly incorporated our entire translation process into a safe technological environment. We also ensure that we have the right technology at our disposal so that we can provide the correct answers to as many customer questions as possible, and do so in a timely fashion.

Nimus works with translation software

Translation software is an integral part of the daily tasks at a translation agency. The advantages of translation software include:

  • Determining the exact workload of translations
  • Creating translation memories
  • Monitoring the consistency of translations
  • Automated, flawless translation checks

Nimus processes many file types

Most of our clients provide us with the texts to be translated in Word format. We also have no trouble working with the following file types:



Can’t find the file type you’re looking for? Please contact us and ask about your options! There is always a solution. And if there’s not, we’ll just create one ourselves!

Nimus knows its way around a CMS

When translating websites and software, exchanging the content can be a harrowing and time-consuming task. Nimus believes it shouldn’t be necessary for customers to cut and paste their websites manually in order to provide their content, only to have to repeat the process once they’re received their translations. In many content management systems (CMS), it is possible to export all the texts to be translated in one go and simply re-import them after they are translated. Are you interested in a quick solution for exchanging translations? Look no further. Please contact our team and they will help you find the best way to go about it! It will take the weight off your shoulders and it also reduce the price for all the prep work, not to mention tying up all the loose ends.

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