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Your translation agency for the Polish language

Do you have business plans for the Polish market? Or would you like to provide a Polish partner company with documents in their native language? Whatever the background to your translation needs; our high-quality translations enable you to prosper in the Polish market.

We believe that pleasant cooperation is just as important as the quality of our service. The personal commitment of our colleagues and our technological tools help us excel in this area. Thanks to these, we can translate special file formats, deliver an urgently needed translation particularly quickly, or facilitate data exchange via an API interface. An innovative solution for every problem – we are doing everything in our power to support you in the realization of your international ambitions.


What can you expect from us?


Native Polish speakers guaranteed

Speaking a second or third language is remarkable, and an indispensable skill for a translator. But no matter how fluent someone’s Polish is; only a native speaker is able to identify all the subtle linguistic nuances and incorporate them into the translation. Think of a marketing text that should appeal to the Polish target group or a legal document that needs to be translated accurately down to the very last detail. At Nimus translations, we only work with native speakers who also live in Poland and deal with the language on a daily basis. This way, no important fluctuation in the language trend goes unnoticed.


Specialized Polish translators

Whether it’s electrical equipment, machines or pharmaceutical products: exports to Poland play an important role in the economy of numerous countries. But which translator can successfully translate texts for all these different industries? The answer is evident: none. Creating a perfect Polish translation requires more than just language skills. To choose the right technical terms and strike the right note, the translator must be familiar with the subject matter. And while there are some translators who are “somewhat familiar ” with all topics, at Nimus translations we prefer those who specialize only in one or a few areas of expertise.


Quality translations from a certified translation agency

As a company starting your operations in another country, you want to make a good first impression. This can’t be achieved using mediocre translations. You probably wouldn’t trust a company if its English translations were peppered with incorrect words or spelling mistakes. At Nimus translations, we can assure you of the quality of our Polish translations through our native speaker & native proofreader principle and our certified way of working. As an ISO-certified company, we have precise guidelines for our translation projects and our quality management systems (QMS).


Nimus translations embraces challenges

Nimus translations is not just about our translations. We would like to support you and your company in your international ambitions in the best way possible – and help you smoothen the path to success in Poland. That’s why we always take the optimization of your online translations for search engines (SEO) into account. A simple translation of the English search words does not help you achieve the highest possible Google rank. Instead, it is necessary to identify the frequently used Polish keywords that are relevant to your website or webshop. These will then be incorporated into the web texts, which leads to a higher organic ranking on Google. Our specialized SEO-translators will be happy to do this for you. Because you can’t make a good first impression if your online target audience cannot find you!

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