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Would you like to expand your business activities to Portugal? Or Brazil? Or a different country where Portuguese is recognized as an official language?

If so, you are going to need a specialized translator from your selected country, since the linguistic variations differ greatly between these countries. With a translation targeted at the wrong country, you will not be able to appeal to your intended audience with your product or service. Because even if your target audience ends up understanding your communication attempts, they will not feel spoken to; this situation would be a waste of time and money.

With Nimus translations, you can be sure that we have the right translators for you – no matter the region, or the type of text.


What can we promise you?


Our translators are native speakers

Without the native speaker system, we would not be able to provide you with the quality translations you require. Only a translator whose native language is Portuguese can be aware of the small linguistic differences that greatly influence the quality of your translation. But even this is not enough if the translator isn’t aware of the cultural differences between the various Portuguese-speaking countries. For this reason, Nimus translations only works with native speakers who also live in your target country. This ensures that the translation is not only understood but also well-received by those you want to reach.


Professional translators with expertise

Selecting a suitable translator is serious business.  After all, conveying your message accurately and convincingly requires more than just thorough knowledge of the Portuguese language. In order to recreate your document in the target language, a translator needs more than just excellent linguistic skills – they also need to know what type of product you require. For example, the differences between an SEO translation and an instruction manual are just as enormous as those between an application and a medical text. At Nimus translations, our translators usually specialize in one or a few specialist areas. This industry expertise helps them to consistently choose the correct and most appropriate terminology when translating your texts.


High quality: a must-have at Nimus translations

We place high demands on our translators so that we can provide you with a convincing translation. But that is not enough for us: we went one step further and acquired certifications according to the ISO standards important to our industry. This way, we have documented proof of our high quality standard. This includes standardized translation processes and a solid quality management system (QMS). In other words: everything you need to reach your Portuguese-speaking target group with perfectly tailored translations.


Online content in Portuguese

We are well-acquainted with the online world and are happy to support you in your online activities. Whether you want to make a website accessible to Portuguese-speaking users, attract more traffic to your blog entries, or simply need more web content in a new language: Nimus translations has the right translator for your online needs. Of course, our translators also take into account the optimization of your texts for search engines – one less thing for you to worry about!

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