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High-quality post-editing


Post-editing is when a translator adapts the work of a smart translation machine. You get the best of both worlds: the speed, accuracy, and consistent choices of the translation software enhanced by the insight and experience of a Nimus translator. In this instance, your partner is a post-editor with a keen eye. This yields a full-fledged translation of superior quality in a much faster time frame.

This is why Nimus translations embraces new  translation technology and believes that we should all benefit from technological progress. We want to offer our clients post-editing services and the advantages of the excellent results that it can achieve. That is to say, as long as the post-editing is done under the watchful eye of a professional translation agency.

Would you like to use our post-editing service for an automated translation that you created or a text translated by our own translation software? We would be more than happy to review your text and determine whether post-editing will be possible or useful. Most of the time, it is!

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What should you expect from post-editing?

A standard of high quality

The language quality of a translation via post-editing is unmatched. A post-editor is always a native speaker with knowledge of the subject and a lot of experience with post-editing. Although the method is slightly different from a standard “handcrafted” translation, this does not make a difference to the end result.


Fast delivery

The delivery times for post-editing are shorter than for a regular translation. Assisted by the smart software of the automated translation process, our translators spend less time on time-consuming manual labor like typing. They can concentrate entirely on perfecting the pre-translated text, which is typically rather good to begin with and 100% consistent. Of course, rather good is not perfect and we want to provide a flawless piece of work. It’s the ideal collaboration between man and machine.

✔ Competitive rates

By using innovative machine translation software, we are able to offer high-quality translations at competitive prices. Quality is paramount, but you should also expect a reliable, flexible translation partner to offer you affordable services at profitable rates.


✔ Linguistically correct texts

Our experienced post-editors ensure that the translation is completely correct from a linguistic point of view. They check the machine translation for all the relevant elements, such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, understandable sentence constructions, and logical terminology.

Nimus has extensive experience with post-editing


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