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Nimus: Project by Project



The Nimus ambition is to be an innovative company: to break new ground in terms of internal organization and to develop cutting-edge solutions for our clients. In order to achieve this, Nimus recently launched the “Nimus: Project by Project” program. The project is lead by external advisor, Ruud Hendrikx, who organizes and supervises the entire program. Nimus receives a grant for this via the SNN scheme VIA 2018 plus, which provides SMEs with subsidies in order to innovate their organizational and earnings models. The scheme is partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERFD).


Program objective

The objective of the program is to develop a project-based organization that focuses on the end results and coordinates its method of operation with current client needs and market developments. An important part of the program pertains to taking advantage of automation in the translation industry by implementing an innovation-oriented work method. The program will have to fit into the existing structures and processes of Nimus, including the self-managing teams. After the introduction of Nimus: Project by Project, we will also come up with a solution for transferring project-based work to new employees.



In order to achieve these objectives, our external advisor has clearly defined activities that will be carried out jointly by the employees.

  • Formulating Nimus core values according to the methods “Start with Why” and “Find your Why” by author Simon Sinek and determining the corresponding competencies of employees. The result is the framework in which the organization operates.
  • Updating and optimizing Project-based Work for an organization operating in the business market (B2B).
  • Developing the established method into Nimus: Project by Project within the previously formulated frameworks and core values. This includes certain roles within the organization where the employee must have the right competencies or be willing to develop accordingly.
  • Developing a fast, practical, and attractive method to transfer the knowledge of Nimus: Project by Project to new employees. This will most likely be done in an e-learning system, which will include the use of methods such as gamification.
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