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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It represents all the work that you do to make your website or webshop appear higher in search-engine results. Therefore, knowing your search engines well means producing better SEO content. The major market leader in many countries is Google, but there are others available, sometimes with different “user instructions” for translators interested in SEO.

No matter how strong your message is or indispensable your product is, you won’t stand a chance if your website or webshop is hard to find. If you aim to have your website appear high in Google search results in certain countries, you have to take SEO factors into account in the translation. Although SEO includes a wide range of activities, incorporating relevant keywords into your translation is an essential part of it. That’s why Nimus translations has trained specialists who will ensure that the right keywords appear in the right places in the translation.

Nimus translations is eager to contribute to the implementation of your SEO strategy. If necessary, we will collaborate with your online marketing specialist and provide an SEO translation that will make your website much easier to find.


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What can you expect from a translator in terms of SEO?

Real SEO specialists as translators

SEO translation as a specialization is in high demand. For this reason, Nimus translations uses experienced SEO translators who are aware of the latest developments in the field. SEO translators know how to do a keyword search for the target language and how to best incorporate these keywords into the translation. Most importantly, an SEO translator is simply an excellent translator. Because the efforts made to make search engines work in your favor should always be fluid and meaningful, never painfully obvious.


✔ Customized recommendations

SEO has three basic tenets: speed, content, and authority. Using an SEO translation, we help you make your website easier to find based on what is likely to be the primary factor: the content. You can also make your website easier to find in other ways. We never lose sight of that. Nimus translations is happy to advise you on a number of important factors that you can take into account for an international website.

Interest in your marketing strategy

A good SEO translation benefits greatly from a good online marketing strategy. That is, in fact, the foundation for all of it. As such, before we start with the SEO translation, we ask you to provide us with some information on your marketing policy. A plain, old search-term list for the source language might come to mind here, but we prefer something a bit more detailed: tell us everything there is to know about your target group. We can also make recommendations on texts other than those visible to the reader, such as the meta-information for all the pages. That is crucial content for SEO.


Websites that can score high in any region

If you would like to have a website or web text translated by Nimus, we can also make your website easier to find in a specific country. In addition to a high-quality translation, it is also important to include keywords in the translation that score well in the region where you want to sell your product or service.

Nimus has extensive experience with SEO translations


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