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SEO translations for easy-to-find websites

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It represents all the work that you do to make your website or webshop appear higher in search engine results. Therefore, knowing your search engines well means producing better SEO content. The major market leader in many countries is Google, but there are others available, sometimes with different “user instructions” for translators interested in SEO.

No matter how strong your message is or indispensable your product is, you won’t stand a chance if your website or webshop is hard to find. If you aim to have your website appear high in Google search results in certain countries, you have to take SEO factors into account in the translation. Although SEO includes a wide range of activities, incorporating relevant keywords into your translation is an essential part of it. That’s why Nimus translations has trained specialists who will ensure that the right keywords appear in the right places in the translation.

Nimus translations is eager to contribute to the implementation of your SEO strategy. If necessary, we will collaborate with your online marketing specialist and provide an SEO translation that will make your website much easier to find.


What can you expect from an SEO-translation?


Our translators are specialized in SEO

SEO translations are a true niche in the translation industry. That’s why Nimus translations only utilizes experienced SEO translators who are up to date on the latest developments in SEO. These translators know how to perform a keyword analysis and implement key terms in the text. Most importantly, however: an SEO translator is simply a good translator. They will always aim to write a fluid, natural text that’s fit for purpose. Forcing in keywords where they wouldn’t naturally occur doesn’t benefit the text. They’re not useful, and not pleasant to read.


Customized advice

SEO is built on three pillars: speed, content, and authority. With an SEO translation, we can help you improve the findability of your website using arguably the most important pillar: content. Sure, you can improve the findability using other methods too. We never lose sight of that. That’s why Nimus translations offers custom advice about all the factors you need to consider when building an international website.


Interest in your marketing strategy

A good SEO translation is bolstered by a great marketing strategy. This is your base. Before we start an SEO translation, we will ask you to offer insight into your marketing strategies. This can be as simple as providing your own list of keywords in the source language. However, we’d like to hear more. Tell us everything you can about your target audience, your brand identity. You can even let us in on the metadata you use for your webpages. This is very important to improve your SEO.


Websites that succeed everywhere

If you let Nimus translations translate your website, we can help you improve the findability in the country you’re aiming to do business in. Aside from providing high-quality translations, it’s very important to implement the right keywords. This doesn’t just mean translating your current keywords, but also finding the keywords that are popular in the exact location you’re trying to target.


“Smooth, uncomplicated, high-quality service.”



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