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Spanish is a world language and as such, is an access point to local markets across the globe. Spain may be known as a vacationer’s paradise, but it is also a booming economic center with many opportunities. In addition to its well-known agriculture, Spain boasts a large, innovative technological sector. This is also reflected in the Spanish assignments we receive from Dutch companies. Simply put, Spain is a wealthy European country with a large, promising consumer market.

Whether you are taking your products and services with you across the Pyrenees to Spain or cruising across the Atlantic to set up shop in South America, Nimus translations is the perfect partner for all your Spanish-language translations.


Algo más? Spanish for “anything else?”


Global Spanish translation agency – Nimus

With more than 400 million speakers, Spanish is truly a world language. It might have a Mexican or Argentine flavor or contain peculiarities that escape European understanding. If you want a good Spanish translation, then it does not necessarily mean the language as spoken in Spain. In addition to Mexico, where the most Spanish native speakers live, all countries in South America are Spanish-speaking, with the exception of Brazil. Nimus translations has translators in most Spanish-speaking countries, so your Spanish translation will really be tailored to the local market.


Spanish-speaking specialists as translators

A translator generally has one or more specializations. Nimus translations has sought out and established a network of professionals with a wide variety of translation specialties. We do this to ensure that your text is actually translated by someone who knows your business. For example, we distinguish between marketing, websites, automotive, tourism, economic, and legal. We also offer many technical disciplines, such as engineering, electrical engineering, shipping, and the increasingly popular life sciences! The possibilities are endless.


Guaranteed high quality

Of course, we guarantee high quality as standard. However, as a professional Spanish translation agency, you have to take the proper steps to accomplish this. First and foremost, we only employ experienced, qualified translators with specialized knowledge. They are always native speakers of Spanish. Secondly, we have a well-defined, certified translation process, and we follow every step required for a premium translation to the letter. Not entirely satisfied with your Spanish translation? Nimus translations handles all feedback or issues with care. We are more than happy to present your problem to a different Spanish translator for a second opinion. Our little secret: we learn something new every day too.


Online content in Spanish

Blogs, articles, web content, and advertising campaigns. Are you planning to reach a large audience in Spanish? Nimus translations offers a complete service for online content. We translate your texts, articles, and blogs with your desired results in mind: a good translation that comes across naturally to the Spanish-speaking reader. Of course, you want to reach as many readers as possible, so we also focus on SEO. The Spanish-speaking world is big and broad!


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