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Are you thinking about entering the Swedish market? Do you need legal documents, marketing brochures or a Swedish website? At Nimus translations, we are happy to help. Not only do we translate all types of texts you might need to achieve success in Sweden – we like to go one step further and support you wherever we can. Would you like to make the exporting and reimporting of your translation files easier? Do you want to lower the long-term cost of your translations? Or are there industry-specific terms that an unspecialized translator cannot know? Together with our Swedish translators we can implement our innovative solutions, so that you can focus on your business plans.


Our promise to you:


Native Swedish speakers

As in every language, there are subtle undertones and linguistic peculiarities in Swedish that require special attention during the translation process. Even a great translator cannot possibly know all these nuances if Swedish is not their mother tongue. To ensure that your message is not only understood by your target group but also conveys your message to them, we only work with native speakers. This way, nothing goes unnoticed by our translators.


Translators with expertise

The vocabulary used in different industries can vary enormously. That is why we would never use a translator who does not possess thorough knowledge of your industry. This is the only way we can assure you that the right technical terms are being used, and that the text is translated in an industry-appropriate tone. We also pay attention to the type of text: while the translator of marketing texts can provide creative support, legal documents are reproduced exactly as they appear in the original – there really is no room for creative license there.


ISO-certified translation agency

Nimus translations carries not one, but two vital certifications. The first, the ISO 9001 standard, confirms the we have put a solid quality management system in place which is tailored to meet our customers’ needs in the best way that we can. The second standard, ISO 17100, stands for a standardized translation process with strict guidelines. By adhering to this best practice, we can guarantee an effective process and the consistently high quality of our translations. Our two ISO certificates help us deliver the results your texts deserve.


Optimized web content

Nowadays, (almost) every company has an online presence. Have you already optimized yours for Google? Then you surely know how much work is put into keyword research and the implementation of these search terms into texts, alt-texts and headings. Nimus translations has specialized SEO translators who will research Swedish keywords for you, and then directly incorporate the results into the translation. Because a literal translation of the German keywords is unlikely to help your Google ranking in Sweden, självklart!


“Nimus translations is where we go for reliable translations delivered quickly.”



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