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Error-free text editing so you can publish texts without the stress


Text editing simply means having translated texts carefully checked before you publish them or send them to a business relation. It is not uncommon for companies to translate texts into other languages themselves. That’s not a problem, of course, if you already have in-house translators. However, it is a shame if errors and mistakes creep into the translation due to lack of time or insufficient expertise. It can always be worse: sometimes, the mistakes will come back to haunt you later on. It happens more often than you might think. An innocent product name might mean something different in another country… Nimus translations has the time and the expertise to carry out this important final check of your text.

It’s easy, fast, and accurate! Send us the translated text, together with the original text if possible. Our proofreader will check the translation from different perspectives, paying careful attention to common mistakes and pitfalls. The result is a high-quality, correct translation that you can use right away.


“Smooth, uncomplicated, high-quality service.”



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What should you expect from our editing services?

Flawless texts

We deliver texts that you can publish right away. This means texts that are flawless in terms of spelling, grammar, and syntax (sentence structure), and that have natural language and consistency: always the same term for the same concept – if only to improve clarity. If you want, we can also review the order and structure of a story. See also transcreation – more than just literally and flawlessly translating!


Text editing for all languages

Nimus offers careful editing services for all languages, from English, French, and German to Japanese and Arabic. We take into account the specific language rules of any regional language variants, so that you can be sure that your translation is fully appropriate and understandable for readers in the local culture after editing.

A full check

Not quite sure if your own translation is good enough? Nimus translations is not here to judge you based on the quality of your translations. We are here to take action! In fact, the entire point is for you to come to us for any corrections you need. We determine the level of translation and then let you know how much time we need to check it – and, of course, the solutions required to improve the text!


Specialized proofreaders

You can turn to us for all kinds of texts: no matter the subject. From entertaining blogs on electrical engineering to the legal language in the general terms and conditions of a web shop: we do it all. For each subject, we bring in a language specialist who understands the terminology in the industry and the purpose of the text to be checked.

Nimus has extensive experience with text editing


Can’t find the specialization or text you’re looking for? Feel free to enquire about all the options we offer!

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