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Transcreation is the industry term for recreating a text in another language. It involves much more than simply translating literally. In successful transcreation, the translator extracts the most important elements from the message of the source text and determines – using their knowledge of the local market and customs – what the text demands in the target language. It is not only about international differences in tone and style, but also about conveying emotion and a clear story. The key point is that these stories are intended for different readers from different backgrounds.

Transcreation is indispensable for texts with a commercial goal or a marketing objective. Would you like to know more about the “translations” that we refer to as transcreation? Need a recommendation for the best approach to your company’s texts? If so, please contact Nimus translations. Together, we can look into how to best present your brand or message to an international audience!


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What can you expect from Nimus?

✔ Creative, committed translators 

Producing original, high-quality transcreation requires creativity and empathy from the translator. That is why Nimus translations always selects an experienced marketing translator for your transcription assignment: someone with a creative mind, who can identify with your “problem”, and who simply has a great deal of expertise.


Specialised native speakers

Knowledge of local values and customs is essential for good and effective transcreation. Other countries may have different attitudes towards subjects that we in the Netherlands take for granted, value highly, or are not sensitive to at all. Even when the differences lie just a few kilometers away, in places like Germany and Belgium. How do people read into a certain topic in South America (as opposed to, say, Spain) or in Australia? Would it garner the same response in England or the United States? The native speakers who work on transcreation have an instinctive knowledge of their language and culture.

✔ Customized services

Not sure if you should opt for a standard translation or transcreation yet? We will help you find the answer quickly: simply send us your text and we will provide you with a recommendation for the service best suited to your needs. Sometimes, just the slightest bit of extra attention can work wonders!


✔ The right emotional touch

Transcreation is all about conveying a message in an original way with the right emotional touch and ensuring that it resonates in the target language. Our marketing translators make adapt your to match perfectly with the objectives of your international campaign.

Nimus has extensive experience with transcreation


  • Retail
  • International trade
  • Professional services
  • Tourism
  • PR/Communication

Can’t find the specialization or text you’re looking for? Feel free to enquire about all the options we offer!

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