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As a business client of Nimus translations, you only want one thing: a good translation that you can rely on, one that doesn’t need any further adjustments. For us, delivering high-quality translations is the order of the day. That is why we only work with dedicated translators who have a wealth of expertise. As an additional quality assurance measure, a translation always undergoes a rigorous and precise proofreading process. No translation leaves our office without the approval of our detail-oriented project managers.

Nimus translations adds security to international business. You can knock on our door with any translation. No language, topic, or file type is too much for us to handle. Challenge our translators and request a quote!

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What can you expect from Nimus?

A customized quote

We want to make sure that you are not paying too much for your translation. That is why we use our innovative translation software to conduct a careful analysis of the source text first, so that we can provide you with a suitable quote. Translation relies primarily on human ingenuity, but sophisticated software ensures that we only charge once for text that appears repeatedly. Not only is this cheaper, it is also consistently accurate.


An international team

We work with a large number of translators from all over the world. That also applies to translation requests for less common languages or specific language variants: the international team of Nimus translations is at your service. They are all native speakers with a passion for communication in general, but especially for translation.

A standard of high quality

Nimus translations delivers high quality translations as standard. This is made possible not only by our qualified and specialised translators, but also by the use of our proven, certified method for every translation order. Nimus translations delivers the same dedicated service for small, simple translations as it does for large, complex projects. In our opinion, there are no truly “simple” translations: every detail in your text deserves to be perfect!


Experienced translation agency

Over the past few years, we have helped a wide range of companies gain better name recognition and greater international success thanks to our clear, professional translations. Want to know more about our experience? Take a look at our specializations or see the clients that we work with.

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Can’t find the specialization or text you’re looking for? Feel free to enquire about all the options we offer!

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