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Translating vacancies to find the right candidate

A vacancy translation requires a special kind of attention. A vacancy has to pique the interest of the right candidates, but also represents you as a company or institution.

We regularly receive requests to translate vacancies and CVs. Temporary employment agencies, headhunters, recruitment agencies, and other HR professionals are finding their way to Nimus translations more and more often. They count on us to translate their vacancies quickly and accurately for international projects or to attract international colleagues.

Do you need to translate the CVs of candidates quickly and flawlessly? Not a problem for the translators at Nimus.


Vacancy translations to a multitude of languages

Nine out of ten vacancies and CVs involve translating from Dutch into English. It might entail making the CV of interim professional available to an American multinational in English or attracting a new colleague from our neighbor, Germany. However, at Nimus translations we offer vacancy translations for over 160 languages, worldwide. Our translators use the right tone of voice and ensure that the translation takes cultural differences into account. This includes the customs and unwritten rules at work when applying for jobs and getting to know each other.


Certified translation agency

Nimus translations is ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 18587 certified. As such, we comply with the standards that are necessary in order to provide a correct translation. This is always important, especially when dealing with a sensitive, specialized subject like the job market. In addition to a translation specialist familiar with the dos and don’ts of vacancies and CVs, the vacancy translation will be checked again by an editor to ensure high quality. The translation is checked by the proofreader for consistency, grammar, and the use of the correct terminology. A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. This also guarantees consistency in all similar assignments from the same client. Because at Nimus translations, we know all too well that small errors in a text can have dire consequences. When it comes to vacancies, a poor translation can leave you looking pretty red in the face.

We are a technically advanced translation agency, handling as many different file types as we do languages. These vary from the usual office file types to XLIFF and InDesign file formats: Nimus translations can handle them all. If it turns out that the translation no longer fits the original layout, our DTP partners will adapt the layout to create a well-translated document. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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