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A picture-perfect international website: a vibrant online environment full of attractive, new content, where visitors can immediately find what they are looking for and of course, buy your product or services. Publishing relevant, appealing blogs is a key component of that website. This promotes sales and contributes to a better image for your brand or service. It also helps visitors find you, thanks to the search terms and rich, frequently updated content. That is sure to make you popular among search engines like Google.

Nimus translations can make a modest but indispensable contribution to your ideal international website. Our blog translations will keep your website going strong, while also making it easy to find in every language. By using creative translators – you could even call them authors in their own right, see transcreation – who take SEO into consideration, we are eager to help you build a website that draws an international audience. This should be exactly the type of audience you are looking for, because they are going to be taken in by your perfectly translated blog.


What should you expect from Nimus, as a blogger?


Translating your blog with creativity and expertise

Translating blogs, just like writing blogs, is a creative process. Our blog transcreators ensure that the translated blog has the same impact and tone of voice as the original text. Our native speakers are also familiar with local customs and practices. What kind of humor hits home best? Should it be formal and professional? We work together with you to make those decisions, because a translation of your blog should be a reflection of your original intentions. Simply put, Nimus is a blog translation expert that produces content palatable to an international audience.


Expert translators

Translation is a specialized career field that is practiced by highly skilled professionals. Nimus has a pool of language experts ready and waiting to translate your blog. The translator will be a native speaker as well as a professional marketing translator. The third requirement for the translator is that they have a working knowledge of the topic of your blog article. The best-case scenario would be to have a permanent translator that regularly collaborates with you for the long term. In a way, a blog translator is like a ghostwriter: they speak with your voice from behind the scenes.


SEO-friendly blogs

Translating blogs into another language is the first step. Finding an international readership is the second. For this reason, being included in search-engine results is an essential component of the translation. No worries, because Nimus always brings in SEO translators who will seamlessly work keywords into the blog translation. This not only yields a blog article in multiple languages, it also increases your chances of attracting a substantial international audience.


Fast delivery

The longer a blog sits on the shelf, the less likely you are to find new readers for it. A blog should never become “old news”, otherwise your blogging competitors might find their way ahead of you! Nimus translations guarantees you fast delivery, which is crucial when translating blogs that are time-sensitive. Of course, our translators are not machines: they will need some time to carefully craft a creative translation for you. It is always best to let us know the latest possible date that you can receive the translated blog. This enables us to provide you with the available options! Fortunately, we find blogging just as exciting as you do. Maybe even more so.


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