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Translating general terms and conditions properly

General terms and conditions can make or break you, both legally and financially. This also applies, of course, to their translated counterparts. At Nimus, we place these in the hands of translators who have extensive experience with legal texts. Mistakes in the translation can have serious consequences and you have to take into account even the smallest legal differences, which can often be locally significant. A good translator will keep a keen eye out for all these details.


Always up to date

This also plays a role in the translation of general terms and conditions. Changes have to be implemented quickly and effectively. This may need to be done in both the source and target language, for international users, for a delivery, or for an agreement. Fun fact: Nimus is a certified translation agency, so you can rely on our professionalism and efficiency. We comply with Kiwa’s primary ISO certification standards. Makes you feel a bit more secure, right?


Changes without unnecessary additional costs

If a detail in your general terms and conditions changes for whatever reason, this will have a critical impact on the translated versions. Since we at Nimus work with innovative tools such as a smart translation memories, you no longer have to pay for text that remains unchanged. We will only charge for the new words and segments. Texts that we have already translated in the past are free of charge. Read our own General Terms and Conditions.


“Nimus translations is characterized by a personal approach and short lines of communication, and they deliver an excellent end product.”


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