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Translating medical software is a unique challenge. It requires a rare mix of expertise: medical and IT. There’s few linguists out there that offer this combination. However, it’s extremely important that medical software is translated correctly and clearly. Not only for that patients’ sake, but also for the medical professionals working with the software. User often prefer operating programs in their own native language. Especially in a professional context. Just think of UI terms, digital forms, user manuals, and user journeys.

The main hurdle is that medical content contains so many specialist terms and phrases. Luckily, we have just the answer for that: skilled, experienced translators with both medical knowledge and technical insight.


Software updates without the fuss

Another hurdle medical software companies face: so many updates. The nature of software development is that nothing is ever finished. New releases are part of the daily grind. But new releases also mean new or updated content. What if you have to roll out these updates in multiple countries, with multiple languages? The urgency of a medical software update can’t be understated. That’s why you want updates translated quickly, accurately, and consistent with the existing content. This is especially important with medical content, as it contains specialist jargon that can’t be misconstrued.

We tackle this problem by using innovative software. We use a so-called ‘translation memory’ to save translations. Previously translated strings are automatically added to new translations. This means you don’t have to translate entire files again with a new update or release. In other words, we only translate new content. After that, we review the whole that for accuracy and consistency. This saves time, money, and a whole lot of hassle. Most importantly, your users get a consistently translated piece of software.


Medical software translation by native speakers

Our medical translators are always native speakers – no exceptions. This is the only we we can ensure that they don’t just master the target language, but also understand the cultural differences. What might be common practice within software in one country isn’t the same in another. Every medical specialist, hospital employee, analyst or researcher deserves use software that’s adapted to their needs. As a result, we can make medical software accessible for every user, worldwide.


Gecertificeerd vertaalbureau

The translation process needs to be foolproof. This is especially true for medical content. That’s why we had our company and method reviewed by Kiwa, a world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). We are proud to say we’ve been ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 18587 certified. This means we tick all the important boxes within the translation process. For example, medical translations are always performed by at least two linguists: one translator and one proofreader. Both native speakers, both specialized in medical software. That helps us and our clients rest easy.

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