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Medical technology is a unique challenge. There is a lot at stake in this innovative branch of the medical world. For example, think of the large investments made and the social significance of medical advances. Not to mention the benefits to the patients themselves. Nimus translations works alongside distinguished hospitals, tech companies, and health providers. While English is commonly used in the international circles of medical technology, there are numerous publications that are aimed at a local audience. These publications need to be offered in the local language. Examples include user manuals, industry literature, medical reports, tenders, and contracts. A suitable, correct translation is crucial in these types of files.


High quality medical technology demands a high quality medical translation

Nimus translations is based in the Netherlands, renowned as one of the forerunners in medical technology.  That’s why we know a thing or two about the technical side of medical equipment. We’re also pretty comfortable with medical terminology, and know how to address medical professionals.


The technology behind efficient and flawless translations

Our contribution to better healthcare? We produce carefully prepared medical translations. This helps to avoid miscommunication, and supports the progress of innovation. We make medical content accessible for every medical professional, from hospital employees, to researchers, to managers of healthcare facilities.

We want to ensure our medical translations are based on correct and current information. That’s why we only assign medical translations to translators who specialize in technology and medical applications. Additionally, we have a native speaker policy, ensuring the translator knows the target country as well as the language.

Our translators make use of technological aids that improve the quality of the final product. This way, we save on costs and increase quality. For example, we make use of intelligent translation software, including a smart translation memory that uses machine learning to improve over time. Even better: this software is compatible with all commonly known file types.  We can import these files straight from their software or from your website’s content management system.

The final product always passes through human hands, however. So you can focus on the product, and leave the translation to us.


Careful, discrete, and secure translations

At Nimus translations we take into account all the parties involved. This counts double for medical translations. We understand that there is a lot at stake.

The considerable financial investments.

The privacy requirements such as confidential patient data.

The value of intellectual property in a competitive market.

It’s a lot to consider. That’s why we guarantee a high level of discretion and security with every service we provide. That way you can rest at ease knowing your product is in the right hands.

Contact us today – we can help demystify all the ins and outs of the medical world.

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