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Translating patient information correctly – clarity for all involved


When it comes to patient information, exact and accurate documentation is absolutely crucial. This is even more important for professional translators. The translation needs to be as clear and practical as the source material. This applies to everything from patient files, the preparation for a medical treatment, general health advice, or information about a medical institution or health provider. At Nimus translation you’re guaranteed a factually correct text that’s easy to understand. On top of that, we can translate into dozens of languages simultaneously. So you can exchange information with patients and medical professionals worldwide.


Specialists in medical subjects

At Nimus translations we don’t just provide you with reliable translations of patient information. We also handle flawless translations of patient data, medical articles, medical protocol (for hospitals and GP centers), medical files, and medical reports. Each and every project is translated correctly. Not only the linguistic sense, but also in relation to the medical facts. That’s because our medical translators all have experience in the field, as well as being a professional translator. Above all, every translation is checked by a second linguist – someone who can offer the same level of insight into medical texts. This way we ensure the terminology is used correctly and consistently.


Patient information that’s always up to date

For hospitals, health providers, medical specialists and other professionals in the medical field, the right information is a matter of life and death. When information is out of date, it can endanger the well-being of a patient. It also affects their family, friends, and caretakers. It can even have serious financial repercussions.

That’s why it’s always important to communicate changes and updates in a timely manner. Whether it’s related to government-imposed guidelines, the development of new medical insights or medical products, or even new terms and conditions for clients. This counts for every country, and every language.  Therefore, a professional, clear medical translation is of the upmost importance.


Make updates without the additional costs

Making changes to a patient file? Making updates to a patient-facing website? This has a knock-down effect on your translated version. Don’t worry though. We’re accustomed to providing an efficient and flawless translation through the use of innovative tools. We use applications such as a smart translation memory, so you only pay for the additions or changes to your medical translation. If we’ve translated for you before, the unchanged text in will not be taken into account in the price calculation. You only pay for new words or segments. Read our Terms and Conditions at Nimus translations. Or better yet: get in touch!


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