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Does your company operate within the electronics industry? Are you hoping to enter the Turkish market to trade in vehicles, or perhaps medical equipment? You’re in luck – these are some of the recent top imports for Turkey. But the country has far more to offer. There are amazing opportunities to discover in just about any industry. So whatever your business entails, Nimus always finds a Turkish translator who can translate your company texts. Not only that, we offer the highest quality. Whether it’s official documentation, a website, marketing brochures or an operating manual; you came to the right address!


What can you expect?


Our Turkish translators are native speakers

At Nimus translations we work according to a number of strict guidelines that ensure the quality of our translations. The native speaker precedent ensures that your text is not only perfectly translated, but that the tone actually appeal to your target group. Only a translator who lives in the country will be able to convey the message of your document in the most accurate and effective way. You have taken great care in preparing your text. It’s only fair our native-speaking Turkish translators puts in the same level of dedication.


Specialists in your field

Of course, the native speaker rule is not the only measure used by Nimus translations to ensure a consistently high-quality service. We know how valuable your texts are, and the translations are no different. Inaccurate or incorrect terminology could literally be a case of life and death in the medical sector, but it can  be just as painful in many other industries. By only employing Turkish translators who are specialized in one or a few areas of expertise, this kind of mistranslation can be avoided. Our translators’ extensive background knowledge of your sector allows them to translate your industry-specific text in a skillful and accurate manner.


Translation agency with quality guarantee

Our best practices are so ingrained in our day-to-day ways of working, it’s important to self-reflect from time to time. For this reason, we hired an external auditor to review our quality-management system (QMS). We evaluated if we comply with the international criteria for translation service providers. As a result of these independent investigations we we awarded with our ISO 9001, ISO 17100 , and ISO 18587 certifications: three important standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that demonstrate the consistently high quality of our translations.


Online content in Turkish

Do you have a website? Given the importance of an online presence in today’s times, the answer is probably “yes”. Have you already planned the translation of your website into Turkish? As you most certainly know, it takes a lot of work to create SEO-friendly content. On a multilingual website it is of utmost importance that the texts are not simply translated, but that they meet the SEO requirements of the target country. It is therefore very important to carry out keyword research for the Turkish market. This research is incorporated into the translation. At Nimus translations, we work with specialized SEO translators who can take care of these tasks for you. By adding this step directly to the translation process, we can avoid any time-consuming and costly rewrites.

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“Our medical documentation is translated quickly and professionally. It’s nice to work with such a reliable partner.”



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