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Sometimes there seem to be no limits to the growth of the e-commerce market. For many international webshops, there are literally no borders anymore. An important part of your international webshop is good, easily readable, effective content in all countries where you operateor plan to expand to.

Nimus translations is eager to help you build your international webshop. Not only do we ensure good translations of product titles and product descriptions, but we also include the best search terms in the translation, so that consumers will actually find your products. Without proper SEO, the translations might be all for nothing.


What can you expect from a webshop translation?


Translate your webshop to any language

Whatever country you’re targeting with your webshop, Nimus translations will provide suitable translations of your content. Whether it’s product descriptions or your checkout functionalities – we help with each crucial part that makes your webshop tick. We’re very familiar with our neighboring countries, including Germany, the UK, and France. But we can also help you expand to countries in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, and Asia. We have specialists in every part of the world: native speakers who know their markets and will help your webshop flourish with attractive translations.


Update your products with ease

Setting up an international webshop isn’t a one-time activity. Setting up and managing a webshop is never actually “done”. You’ll add new products on a weekly or even daily basis. And you’ll want to offer these products in all your languages! Nimus translations offers an efficient workflow that helps you keep your content up to date. Moreover, all the content we translate is saved in a “translation memory”. This means we can recognize new content, and we don’t translate existing content again. This also means you never pay for a translation twice.


Translation with consideration of SEO

You can have a well-translated webshop with great products. But just like in your local market, you need to make sure your webshop is easily found by your audience. That’s why Nimus translations advises clients to includes keywords in their translation. Our SEO translators know how to improve a webpage’s SEO score with the help of research, experience, and a dash of translator’s instinct. They can find the right keywords that work in the target country and implement them in the translation. This greatly improves the performance of the webshop.


Smart file management

To translate your webshop, you will first have to provide your webshop content. Your CMS (Content Management System) that you edit your webshop’s content in will often have export and import functionalities. You will not have to spend hours painstakingly cutting and pasting content. In many popular CMS-systems, such as Magento and WordPress, we can help you export your content for us to translate. Naturally, we can also support you to import the content back in! Do you have a less commonly used CMS or a custom CMS? The IT department at Nimus translations will delve into solutions for you to help you exchange files with us in an efficient and easy way.

Ferdinand Lautenbag

Lautenbag Reclame | BedruckteBueroklammern.de

“The translation of our German website by Nimus translations has greatly improved our organic position in Google! Fast and clear communication. In short, a very good experience!”


Lautenbag Reclame reference for Nimus translations


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