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Translating a website involves much more than just a correct translation. Nimus translations not only translates the content of your website into all the languages you want: we take it a step further. Nimus translations is a creative translation partner that you can turn to for all your website texts. We can handle anything from product titles and descriptions to keywords and meta tags. You read that right: we also offer international SEO services (Search Engine Optimization). After all, you want your translations to be found. Getting lost in translation would be a shame.

We can’t imagine that you have the time or the desire to copy and paste all the texts from your CMS manually. This can be done more efficiently, less time-consuming and with a lower risk of error! Our own IT specialists would be happy to help you find an innovative solution. This saves you time and effort. More importantly, it ensures that your website is always up to date in every language.

Nimus translations is right at home translating complete websites, webshops, and mobile applications, but we also don’t shy away from websites components, such as blogs and vacancies, temporary promotions, and announcements.


What can you expect from a website translation?


A good creative translation

At the core of a functional, user-friendly international website is the quality of the translation. Nimus translations has experienced specialists who will translate your content accurately and – where appropriate – creatively. Not only are our translators native speakers, they also know what language appeals to local audiences, and will adapt your site’s content to match. With our ISO-certified approach, we can guarantee high-quality content for all our website translations.


Technical support

We don’t want to ask you to spend hours copy-pasting your website’s text into Word files. Not only is this too much work, it also leaves too much margin for error. It’s likely your CMS (Content Management System) will offer options to export and import your content. Do you use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Sitefinity? Then Nimus translations is happy to offer advice on how to export your text, and import the translation back into your website once they’re finished.


Websites that offer results

Whether you’re running a webshop, a blog, or maybe even a website with relevant information about a specific topic: If you are considering translating your website content, you probably have a reason to do so. Nimus translations can help you reach your objectives by providing a content translation that considers the findability of your website. Our translators make sure that your content is optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, or Baidu. After all, being found online is the first step towards your overall objective!


A worldwide network of translators

Despite our native-speaker system, Nimus translations’ offerings are not limited to a few target countries. Our global network of specialized translators has already enabled us to translate plenty of websites for audiences all around the world. And there is no doubt that we can find the right translation team for your needs too.
Simply approach us to learn more about the possibilities! We are happy to help.

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